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    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    Flylow 4500, give us some info on your truck. Wheel, tires, lift, etc. Nice looking rig.
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    Dually to SRW ...whatcha think

    I like your low profile flatbed. Did you build or buy? Manufacturer?
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    $46,000 Dollar Overland Trailer?

    Not considering one myself, but was curious about the market for them. Judging by the mixed responses to the thread, some feel they are over priced while others find real value in them.
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    DIY Expedition Vehicle Build VIDEO

    That’s actually a very good question. Additionally, I would ask where can you “legally” off road one of these rigs. Someone mentioned National Parks. Most NPs, at least in Alaska, have strict rules about off road use on its lands. Alaska and most of the Arctic have very fragile environments...
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    $46,000 Dollar Overland Trailer?

    Seems like most of these trailers use off the shelve components. Sheet metal, drawer slides, lighting, HVAC, power systems, fabric, axles, hubs, wheels, etc. doubt a bunch of thought went into the design. I wonder how long it takes to produce one of these.
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    $46,000 Dollar Overland Trailer?

    No offense to Earthroamers, but I always thought those who own them as individuals with considerable disposable income, whereas the trailer crowd was looking for an economical alternative to a high priced adventure rig that they could pull with their daily driver. I just wonder what the market...
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    $46,000 Dollar Overland Trailer?

    Didn’t want to highjack the other thread, but who pays $46,000 dollars for a tent trailer? Are there really people out there who are willing to pay that much? Would a bank finance such a purchase?
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    Ram 5500 Purchase

    I've been pricing new Ram 5500s with the Cummins 6.7 and see the truck's emissions system has a manual regeneration feature as an option. Any 5500 owners out there have this option? Your thoughts? Thanks.
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    Party Rated: Our Ram 5500 budget build

    I'm curious about your mounts being attached directly to the frame without a sub-frame. Doesn't this concentrate much of the load to a single point along the frame that can lead to failure? Have you checked out Ram Builder website info? Lots of good info there about how to mount truck bodies...
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    Alaska Off-Roading with a Local JK Club

    Absolute bull**** Please don't fall for the line of bull****. Much of Alaska is a desert and some of the most fragile terrain in the state is tundra that gets less than 10 inches of precipitation a year. Permanently frozen soils (permafrost) under an active layer of soil prevents drainage...
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    Flippac meets Unimog project

    I never understood the reason for such elevated sleeping positions. It seems like there are safer alternatives. What do you do if there are thunderstorms in the area?