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  1. johnspark

    Bantam T3-C Trailer Parts

    I have some original parts from a Bantam T3-C trailer built in 1945. These were on trailer number 262. I modified the trailer and these are the leftover parts that I didn't use. Parts include: Wheels - Yes, they're the two piece combat type. Axle Foot Fulton Hitch Hardware I can send pictures...
  2. johnspark

    Haming it up finally

    146.805 +offset with 100hz PL tone. It is the KC4AQS repeater by call sign. Depending on your location and elevation, you have a good shot at hitting this repeater from many locations as far south as LaGrange from what I understand. Let us know if you get in from Stone Mountain.
  3. johnspark

    Haming it up finally

    I went to the Hamfest at Stone Mountain and picked up a Yaesu FT817 for cheep! I really lucked out cause the guy was packing up to leave. Just about missed it. I've got it set up and running on 2m and I'm gathering the parts for a fan dipole now. I got the RT programming software and I've been...
  4. johnspark

    Haming it up finally

    BTW: I put a Diamond X50 in the attic. I can hit the 955 machine in Dallas and a scratchy connection to the Repeater in Buckhead which is weird, since many repeaters are closer. I still can't hit the 805 in Jasper from the HT. Maybe once I'm running a higher wattage mobile or base.
  5. johnspark

    Haming it up finally

    Makings of a "Go Kit"... The lid's panel is removable. I have ideas and designs and thoughts, but no definite plan yet. I'd like to get something like a Yeasu 817 or similar for this setup. There is plenty of room for accessories. I'm still gathering intel and formulating plans.
  6. johnspark

    The Georgia Bantam build

    2012s on the Mountain!
  7. johnspark

    Haming it up finally

    I was driving through CC the other day calling out on 2M Simplex and the Jasper 805 but couldn't catch you listening. Maybe next time. Do you have the Cumming, GA. 147.150 machine's pl tone by chance? The two listings I have gave 100 and 131.6 and neither are working for me.
  8. johnspark

    Haming it up finally

    Here is a picture of the antenna install. We put up the shorter one on the left.
  9. johnspark

    Haming it up finally

    I've been challenged to get the Extra, so I'm studying again. I should take it on November 5. Saturday, I helped a few guys put up a small antenna tower at a local ham's house. Worked well, but might need some additional tweeking later on. I really learned a lot on that outing. Looking forward...
  10. johnspark


    Congrats. Welcome to the habit/hobby. LOL. I've really made a lot of new contacts and friends in the last few weeks. I wish I'd done this years ago!
  11. johnspark

    Haming it up finally

    I installed an NMO mount 2m only 1/2 wave antenna on the truck. Drive thru ordering is spotty, but the comms are much better. Carry on.
  12. johnspark

    Ham hand-talkie w/plug in 12V charger (not charger base)

    My Yaesu FT-60R says it can't be charged with the cord directly plugged into the radio. It must use the stand. Just an FYI.
  13. johnspark

    WW1VT ARRL Sept 2016 VHF Contest

    I missed it. I don't know what I'm doing yet and I was painting several rooms at the house. I will get out more and try some qrp on the hills, but I got a lot going on. Great rig and trailer. Looks like fun.
  14. johnspark

    HAM Operators- Post up here

    I forgot to post in this thread. Took the Tech and General on 8-22. KM4WJK I have the Kenwood 281A and a Yaesu FT60R HT. I'm trying to get an Antenna and radio for the "shack" (upstairs corner of the room).
  15. johnspark

    Haming it up finally

    I can't hit it from the house yet. I have to get the antenna in the attic or trees. I can hit it from the mobile while on the road in most places though.
  16. johnspark

    Haming it up finally

    Hey guys, Just 2M for now. I have the Kenwood 281A and a Yaesu FT60R. I made some contacts on the mobile and then from the HT off the back deck. I'm going to have to get an Antenna in the trees or attic since I live in the worst possible spot for RF in my area. I'm on a hill, in a hole, which...
  17. johnspark

    Haming it up finally

    KILO MIKE 4 WHISKEY JULIET KILO I'm leaving work early to go play radio!:sombrero:
  18. johnspark

    CB Radio Set Questions:

    My funny didn't translate. Thanks for explaining everything guys.
  19. johnspark

    FCC Ham radio testing

    Gotcha...Does APRS come as a feature on most HF radios or is it an add on? Please forgive my ignorance, I've only been reading on this for about a month and most of it was study material for the tests. I just saw the big ol "APRS" thread right below this one. I'll read up on it there for a bit...