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    FRS GMRS recomendations

    Looking for recommendation(s) for a portable, rechargeable unit including charger but also with ability to operate with batteries. Must have NOAA weather alert capabilities and preferably be county/local area specific. Range not too important but greater rather than less will be of course...
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    F150 ham antenna mounting

    Here I go again. I traded out of my Toyota after removing the radio, Diamond lip mount, etc. and Larson 2/70. The lip mount *might* work on the side of the hood or on the back edge near the windshield but neither location appeals to me. I fender mount seems the easiest but do they accommodate a...
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    ARB 47L for sale or trade for 35L

    One year old with cover located in East TN. Excellent condition with low hours. Prefer trade for similar. You keep your wires, etc and ship the box only. Or make offer on my 47L complete including cover plus shipping. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    steel mesh for mobile 2/70 antenna?

    I do not have a after market roof rack or basket on my T4R, nor do I wish to get one, but I do have factory rails with (alum) crossbars. I am wondering if mounting square of steel mesh to the crossbars would provide a sufficient antenna ground plane? The steel mesh I have available is what is...
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    2m or 2m/70 cm mobile receiver

    I am in the East. Southern Appalachia actually. Where Tn, GA, and NC meet. I wheel in the mountains of all three states. I would like to know which is more likely to be used in my area, a 2m or a 2m/70cm dual receiver. I have a opportunity to buy either radio, used. TIA Sent from my XT1254...
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    Battery charger

    A unexpected week long dispersed camping trip has come up. I find myself in a position of having to run my generator and a battery charger for my charging needs. My fridge runs from my vehicle's starting battery and I have a group 29 running a CPAP and small lighting on a pop up camper. I was in...
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    CP-5NMO Antenna mount

    Universal lip mount w/deluxe cable assembly. NIB. $45.00 shipped CONUS
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    Renogy 100 watt solar suitcase kit

    Has anyone bought this suitcase panel kit lately? Amazon says 1 to 2 month delivery??
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    One Solar panel to seperate batteries

    Here's hoping this is a short thread and way shorter than it will take me to explain what I am trying to do. I searched but I haven't quite found my answer. I learned a bunch of other stuff though. Thanks. I am about to put a panel, probably a 100 watt on the stock roof rack of my T4R. I know I...
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    Hood mount CB antenna

    Yes, mounting an antenna directly to the metal hood as opposed to the fender channel at the hood/fender. I am mounting a CB antenna and want to get it away from the Ham antenna in the rear. Since I have a extra Comet lip style mount available, and before I buy a fender mount, I want to use the...