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  1. VTlandrover

    Tires... I am due for set. What are you rockin' on your Gen 3 Monty?

    im currently using duratracs 235/85 r16 . great tire in all conditions . i have a 2002 gen3
  2. VTlandrover

    Utility teardrop for sale.

    great build, i just wish it wasn't so far away!
  3. VTlandrover


    we have one, works great we used to get bitten all the time ,since buying one ,not one bite. the only suggestion i have is to leave it at ground level!
  4. VTlandrover

    Tepui Awning and Awning Extension Room

    Adam- Are there any awning extensions left in stock? i was originally on list.. had to cancel but find i do need one now!
  5. VTlandrover

    Expedition Trailer w/ Tepui RTT (Central PA)

    if sale does not complete, please let me know. im interested in the trailer.
  6. VTlandrover

    Adrift in Space

    subscribed! i wish you well on your adventures, good luck! safe travels! :smiley_drive:
  7. VTlandrover

    Travelling to Europe in USA registered car

    how about importing a us registered ,1996 discovery one into the uk for a year? ive read up on it, sounds straight forward enough? is it ? how about insurance while in the uk? i may keep the vehicle in the uk after 12 months which means i would have to pay sales tax and register it in the uk...
  8. VTlandrover

    discovery one dual battery set up.

    Chris.... I'm not putting twin 6v batteries in.. someone hijacked my post suggesting it was better! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. VTlandrover

    discovery one dual battery set up.

    i have been driving land rovers for a long time, i have never before installed a dual battery system, im kind of surprised by some of the responses on here, my rover is built ...but not overbuilt, if i have to explain my thought process so be it! i have a rtt annex etc, i like to explore...
  10. VTlandrover

    discovery one dual battery set up.

    can anyone share photos/details on installing a dual battery set up in an disco 1? i have a T-max system which im going to be installing in my truck and just looking for any tips. thanks in advance.:smiley_drive:
  11. VTlandrover


    congrats and well deserved! thanks for inspiring me with great ideas for a child enhanced road trip (S)!!! great writing please keep updating!
  12. VTlandrover

    Custom Built Off Road Trailer For Sale

    i love this trailer, great workmanship......just a shame its too far away for me! good luck with the sale!
  13. VTlandrover

    Ironman offroad awning-Northeast-$200

    how about shipping to 05155? vermont.
  14. VTlandrover

    Baofeng UV5R "Builder Brackets"

    are these still available? id love to buy two of them.
  15. VTlandrover

    Any upcoming groupbuys?

    Adam (boxrocket) is a tepui dealer and will give you a 10 % discount for being on the forum on a side note i bought my tent from him and the customer service is brilliant!
  16. VTlandrover

    RTT for 4 questions

    click on it for a tiny picture! i think it would be more helpful to provide the make and model of rtt!
  17. VTlandrover

    Tepui Awning and Awning Extension Room

    thanks for checking Adam! btw im having trouble getting the travel cover zip to start, i have cleaned all the dust and dirt out of it, also used dry graphite on it. what do you recomend?
  18. VTlandrover

    Tepui Awning and Awning Extension Room

    Adam, i totally spaced on this due to work...summer etc !! Am i on the list?
  19. VTlandrover

    Tepui Awning and Awning Extension Room

    what price is the awning extension room? its something im interested in, Adam is there a link to it? btw many thanks for the excellent customer service! you saved the day with the piece for the c channel! thanks!!
  20. VTlandrover

    **Tepui RTTs and Accessories**

    i have used atv ratchet tie down straps to secure the cover! but as mtn climber said, compressed air works a treat to remove built up dirt and dust.