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  1. Bikemobile

    Best Aggressive All Terrain or Mild Mud Terrain Tire?

    Falken Wildpeak AT3W is an excellent tire. Really great in snow also. I keep a set of chains handy for the tough stuff.
  2. Bikemobile

    RTTs on Fiberglass toppers.

    Why not an exo type rack over the topper? Not as pretty but functional as heck. I considered this with my topper.
  3. Bikemobile

    Falken Wildpeak AT3W Long Term?

    These tires do not disappoint. I can drive these in 2 wheel drive through snow conditions where I needed 4x4 with my duratracs.
  4. Bikemobile

    Falken Wildpeak AT3W Long Term?

    I put the P-Rated Falken Wildpeaks on in stock size. 275/55-20. Amazing on ice and snow so far this winter. Quiet on the road. Not much off roading yet.
  5. Bikemobile

    Falken Wildpeak AT3W Long Term?

    Supposedly, the P-rated falkens have more silica content than the LT’s so they grip better on ice and snow. The XL P-Rated tire has more than enough load capacity for me. I am in the market for some factory 18’s though.
  6. Bikemobile

    Falken Wildpeak AT3W Long Term?

    Unnecessary addition of weight and possibly harsh ride. I’m already not jazzed about the 20’s so maintaining an acceptable ride is important. For example: p-rated XL 275/55-20 Falken Wildpeak AT3W 117T max load is 154 pounds more per tire than General Grabber LT275/55-20. The Falken weighs 8...
  7. Bikemobile

    Falken Wildpeak AT3W Long Term?

    2017 GMC Sierra 4x4 1500. Im getting ready to swap off my Duratracs with 27 k miles. They are noisy as heck and rotations are not quieting them down anymore. They are 70% worn and have been great in everything but icy roads this last winter. How are the Falkens holding up? Road noise...
  8. Bikemobile

    How far can you get with a 2WD and a shovel?

    A good seat of all-terrain tires will affect your mpg's more than having 4wd/awd.
  9. Bikemobile

    Subaru Outback Tires, Going Flat...Thoughts

    Fresh Gravel is essentially "off road." You need an "off road" oriented tire for the car. I used the old 2nd gen Yoko Ats on my Jeep and they did not wear well. No idea on the 3rd gen. I've seen Hankook Dynapro ATM's and General Grabber AT2's on newer outbacks recently. Ive had great luck with...
  10. Bikemobile

    The perfect tire.

    Goodyear Duratrac. Loving mine so far, better in loose /packed snow than my grabber AT2's were. Quieter on road also.
  11. Bikemobile

    How are AT3's in the snow?

    Year round Gunnison, CO resident here: General Grabber AT2... Big fan. Cheap and long wearing. Works in all 4 seasons. Mountain snowflake rated and proven in snow. Not rotation sensitive. Zero problems on my jeep or my silverado.
  12. Bikemobile

    Falken AT3W's on sale

    They look good but are they really a "winter" tire? No serious siping or other "winter" features.
  13. Bikemobile

    New Tires and Wheels

    General Grabber AT2
  14. Bikemobile

    Truck Topper V. Bed Cover??

    Ive owned 4 real trucks in my life. 3 came with matching toppers when I bought them. I really like the idea of the dry and more secure storage of the topper. I had a 98 S10 ZR2 with a matching fiberglass topper. It was 6 foot so we could sleep in it and carry camping gear. When we bought our...
  15. Bikemobile

    WK 4 wheel drive systems question.

    Look for a V8 WK with 4lo. That system is called quadra trac 2. 4 low and full time 4hi. I traveled many thousands of trouble free miles off road in mine. Identified by a 4lo lever by the shifter and a 10 bolt rear axle cover. There is another system called quadra drive 2. That one has 4lo...
  16. Bikemobile

    My 2016 frontier build and adventure thread!

    NO!! Don't do it!!! ;-) Joking aside, I miss the active WK page at more than I miss my WK
  17. Bikemobile

    My 2016 frontier build and adventure thread!

    I have had such great luck with the Grabber AT2. No flats, no problems at all. They also NEVER needed air. I also did not follow any kind of disciplined rotation schedule with the AT2's on the jeep. They started to sing a bit near the end but they had thousands of miles off road on them. I can...
  18. Bikemobile

    First Generation Colorado/ Canyon... No love for them?

    I have always liked the 5.3 crewcab colorado combo. I looked for them, read lots of reviews and decided that I could get a fullsize for the same money with more room and longevity. People say that they get the same gas mileage as a full size and are not much quicker. I do think they look great...
  19. Bikemobile

    My 2016 frontier build and adventure thread!

    Oh and the Xterra my friend has fit 265/75-16 Hankook Dynapro ATM's with no problems, no rub, no lift.
  20. Bikemobile

    My 2016 frontier build and adventure thread!

    I had to bail on my WK too..... The clunks, the pops, the vibrations. I miss it some days until I hit a bump or turn the ignition switch on my truck. Well made and reliable. I picked up a truck with the topper included. My good friend has an xterra that is awesome. I've always liked the...