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  1. 4x4junkie

    Golf-cart batteries

    I know there are some here who use GC batteries in their rigs... Has anyone ever had one fail due to vehicle vibrations from heavy offroad use (washboard roads, etc.) or is familiar with how well their larger cells can tolerate vibrations vs. those in a traditional grp. 27 or 31 battery? Are...
  2. 4x4junkie

    Newbie question about Dry Ice in a Cooler

    I have a 48-quart Rubbermaid cooler that usually keeps stuff cold using regular ice for 3-5 days, depending on temps. I'd like to try using it to keep stuff frozen/cold for 6-8 days. Is there a generally-accepted ratio for the amount of dry ice I should use for a given size cooler? What's the...