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    KC Gravity Pro6 light bar

    Hey gang, Has anyone bought a Pro6 light bar from KC and used a different mounting system than the one that KC offers? I love the look of the light bar itself, but don't care for how low it sits with the factory mount. Also, would it be possible to mount the Pro6 to a Gobi rack? I've looked...
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    Finally picked up a Jeep!

    Hey gang, I posted about a week ago regarding a 2016 JKU that I was considering buying. Everyone was very helpful in that thread, but I ended up not even going to test drive it. Instead, I drove a couple hours north this afternoon and drove a 2014 Rubicon. Long story short, I ended up leaving...
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    Test driving a Jeep tomorrow, looking for some tips.

    Hey gang, I'm (hopefully) going to test drive a 2016 JKU tomorrow. As someone who has never owned a Jeep before, I thought I'd check in with the experts to ask if there's anything Jeep specific that I should be looking for. I've read a lot about death wobble, which I assume is an issue related...