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    M101A2 Trailer Overland Candidate

    Sorry, Denver Colorado
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    M101A2 Trailer Overland Candidate

    I built this trailer to haul my raft so it is currently setup for that purpose but it could be a good platform for a custom camper. This is a military M101A2. The trailer has a 5x8 bed, roller, hand winch, spare tire and removable pintle hitch. It has been repainted and bed liner applied...
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    M101A2 Trailer Surge Brake

    I turned my M101A2 into a raft trailer and replaced the spring axle with a torsion eliminating the need for the surge brake. Unknown miles but it functioned when it was removed. Posting over at SteelSoldiers also but here because I know some of you convert these trailers for expedition use...
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    Jeep Wrangler JKU Custom storage and sleeping platform

    This is a sleeping platform for a Wrangler JKU. The platform is a 5 piece modular design and the main storage compartment fits behind the rear seats, allowing for their use while driving. The main unit has one drawer for storage and one pull out platform for a cook stove (or leave pushed in...