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  1. DiploStrat

    Your insights on a few different options for first vehicle

    I will be happy to chat about Tigers - I had one of the earliest Malayans, their only true four season camper. Tiger now has an new owner and I suspect that, if a Bengal will meet your needs, that build quality is as good as every. Never heard of a Tiger, of any model, cracking. One old Tiger...
  2. DiploStrat

    Cassette Toilet with 2" Thick Walls???

    Where are you? Come try it out! :) We had a Nature's Head in our Tiger and when we bought the XP we thought that we would simply keep the cassette. We quickly learned: -- You had to dump about every three days and the last day or so there was a strong odor whenever the flap was open. --...
  3. DiploStrat

    Cassette Toilet with 2" Thick Walls???

    Two short answers: -- Had a cassette toilet with the access hole through a Total Composites panel. No problems. -- Tore out the cassette toilet because it is a pain, smells, etc, etc, Access door is still there, next to my C-Head composting toilet. So, save yourself some money and work and...
  4. DiploStrat

    Looking for Camera Recommendation

    I am normally a Nikon shooter, currently a D800, but due to some misinformation, I was told that I could not take an SLR/lenses on a trip. DPReview was indicating that the Sony RX-100 was their pick for a "travel" camera. I bought the slower, longer reach Model 6 and have been stunned by the...
  5. DiploStrat

    Zocama - rigid camper body and truck

    Amen to all of Jon's points above. And, if you ship RO-RO, it is nice to limit access to the camper area.
  6. DiploStrat

    GMC Topkick 4x4 Expedition Camper Build

    These may be an option. The bolt circle is correct, just a question of off set. VERY round! Have run mine back and forth across the US and they are great. The tires are a bit stiff, but compared to my past problems, they are great. I am running the General Grabber OA Wide Base tire in...
  7. DiploStrat

    Base truck for custom overland build - how big is too big?

    These folks will give you chapter and verse on smaller is better, with over 55 countries to back it up: In our case, the bigger was largely accidental. I don't know the dimensions of our XPCamper other than 23 feet in length, basically...
  8. DiploStrat

    Base truck for custom overland build - how big is too big?

    Really depends on where you are going and how you want to live. -- If you are driving both ways 'round the world, then the big old military truck may be a good idea as you will be taking years, driving slowly, and want the load carrying for a roomy camper. -- If you are basically camping in...
  9. DiploStrat

    Discharge through blue sea ACR

    One more time with feeling and gross undersimplification: -- A properly designed relay system will work perfectly if the vehicle alternator puts out the correct voltage for both batteries and the resting voltage is the same. That loosely translates to - if your starter battery and camper...
  10. DiploStrat

    Heavy vehicle recovery gear

    Typically the mat is wider than a single wheel, say 2x and whatever length is easy to stow. I would have to go measure, but I would guess no more than three feet wide and no more than eight to ten feet long. Five would probably be fine. The ones that I bought had already been cut down, probably...
  11. DiploStrat

    Heavy vehicle recovery gear

    The ones in the picture I found in a market in Cameroon. The ones on my truck were there when I bought it. Sorry. Look for Marston Mats: Doesn't matter if they bend. Also consider GoTreds.
  12. DiploStrat

    Heavy vehicle recovery gear

    Scholars differ, but I swear by sand ladders. Especially in sand. See my avatar photo and this: I also carry two GoTreds as my new truck is even heavier. And don't forget your shovel. (Don't ask me about the time I did.) :(
  13. DiploStrat

    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    Chuck, I hear what you are saying, but would argue (at least slightly) that issues with existing XPCampers belong here as they pertain to XPCamper going bankrupt and are irrelevant for Nimbl campers. Nimbl campers are not being built by XPCamper. Especially as there are, as yet, no Nimbl...
  14. DiploStrat

    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    As I don't own either a V1 or V2, I can't comment. Most of the complaints that I have heard have been QC and support. I know that the reason you haven't seen a finished camper from Nimbl yet is that they have gone back to the original designer, and reached out to current owners, for a complete...
  15. DiploStrat

    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    If you know of shortcomings of previous designs this would be a good time to mention them, either here or by e-mail directly with Nimbl. I know that the new management does not want to repeat the failings of the past. And, as I have a camper built by the former company, I certainly want Nimbl to...
  16. DiploStrat

    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    Hate to sound like a phanboi, but I am, so I will. Some points worth repeating and understanding: -- XPCamper went bankrupt and closed. Period. It did not reorganize or rise from the dead. It died and stayed dead. -- Nimbl is a new company. New founder, new president. And yes, the founder and...
  17. DiploStrat


    I can understand your wife's point. And so can our cat. And I can also tell you all of the drawbacks of a pass through. I love my XP, and will be happy to tell you why, but I used to have a Tiger. (See website link below.) As there are Tigers in Mongolia, Norway, and one has been to over 55...
  18. DiploStrat

    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    Cheese and crackers! Enough with the conspiracy and whitewash talk. XPCamper went bankrupt. Instantly dozens of XPCamper owners, including yours truly, were orphaned. And just as fast, everyone who worked at XPCamper was unemployed. Nimbl is a new company which bought the assets of XPCamper...
  19. DiploStrat

    Benefit to charging AGM battery to full capacity?

    The real question is whether your vehicle's system is designed for an Odyssey battery. Is that the OEM battery? If so, it probably is. If not, based on all of the anecdotal reports I have read on this forum about the Odyssey battery being next to impossible to fully charge, I would suspect that...