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    5th Gen 4Runner Take-offs - Bay Area, CA

    OK, here is what's in stock: OEM cross bars: $80 Trail edition OEM Trans/4wd shifters: $40 each, or $70 for both Driver's side mirror glass: $50 (part number shown on packaging is not reflective (LOL) of product being sold) 4Runner Rear Cargo Mat - $60 (It has been cleaned since the photo)...
  2. MTN4RNR

    Adventuring the MTN4RNR

    PC: GHOSTFJ Intro: I have my main thread in the "Expedition Vehicles" section of this forum and I have been posting my travels, adventures and photos there so far. I will be posting my adventures and trip reports here moving forward, because I was technically in the wrong section before! Enjoy...
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    FS: 5th Gen 4Runner Gobi Ladder - $200 - SF Bay Area, CA

    Nothing wrong with it, I had it on for about a month with the plan being I would install a roof rack and life would be good. But the rack didn't happen, so I had a stairway to nowhere! So, as the rack went against my build "policy" of nothing extraneous, I took it off and it's been in my office...
  4. MTN4RNR

    Building, Driving and Adventuring the MTN4RNR

    Things are noticeably more fun in thin air. It's where I tend to go to get away from everything. To help get me there, I picked up a 2016 4Runner Trail Premium on a recent trip to Bend, OR. I hadn't intended on buying a truck on the trip, but when the numbers add up sometimes its best to pull...