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    historical I wasn't sure where to put it and I hope you can pull it up.
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    My closest tire shop had already screwed up the lug nuts and studs on my rig. At least they paid for what they screwed up but they wouldn't pay me to fix it. Sorry, I know what sort of work you do so I did it myself. The next time I went in for a tire rotation I went to the next shop down the...
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    Somebody needs to get Hashunview out of here. I won't click on a post to hit the moderator alert button. I don't know what this person is up to.
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    Therapy dogs

    I was reading a post last night about a German Shepard that a fellow was going to use as a therapy dog. I know my parents used to take my Black Lab in to visit their mothers and the 'ol girls loved the furry beast. As did many others in the facility. Is there something people need to get through...