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    Three Fridge x 3 Power Sources x 3 Temperatures Test

    Having a few fridge freezers I decided to test a couple of them to see which worked best as a fridge and which one works best as a freezer, Having seen figures posted by someone in SA I considered their Test as not a fair and just way of doing things because the results were weighted to suit the...
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    Hitting the highway and Comfort away from Home,

    With the new Emission Laws coming from the EU and other Circles I decided it was time to upgrade letting go my 16/17 year old 4x4 and buying a Van, which was a tug on the heart strings I must admit, My intensions were to buy and RV but I found dealers to be less than economic with the Truth So...
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    Winter is on it's way.

    It's getting near that time to break out the thermal Draws and start dressing like Nanook of the North, I love the Cold but I hate being Cold, I think I got Winter well and Truly Covered.:cool:
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    ARB Fridge Dealer, near NM,

    Is anyone here an ARB Dealer and somewhere close to NM. ??
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    New ARB Fridge bad bad bad,

    I just found out that ARB has upgraded the Classic line of fridges with one or two good features, First thing they got wrong is by calling it the series 2, when the Blue and Grey model with the White display is the series II and the replacable sensor thermister, the Series I was the blue and...
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    Just Bought 78L/82QT ARB.

    Yesterday my New ARB 78L/82QT was delivered, I already have the 47L/50QT and based on how it performs the Big ARB was the only Choice, Both will fit in the back of my 4x4 but due to the length of this Bad Boy I think I need to add a Slide, So far because of the larger compressor it seems to cool...
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    Tyres and Tyre Gauge Testing

    G'day folks seeing as I can't get about I decided to buy another set of ARB Tyre Gauges to use with the Twin Beast, I already had one set for the Single which all proved to be really good and spot on between the three of them, First off is their blue inflator Annie Log version or how ever you...
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    Overlands Fridge Test,

    Having just read the above test the results stated do not match the graphs, It says QUOTE, the ARB held its own but only scored midfield. Not the fastest to cool, most efficient, or best insulated, there are still very compelling reasons to own this model. END QUOTE, But when you look at the...
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    In the UK All New Unused, Boxed.

    G'day folks, I am selling all my new unused 4x4 accessories due to ill health, So if you are in the UK here is the list so far, 1) ARB 47L/50qt Fridge/Freezer complete with thermal cover unused "Boxed" Cost £817.00 Sell £575.00 2) Champion/Warrior EWX9500SD (short Drum) Winch Steel Cable...
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    fitting Your ARB Transit Bag

    G'day Folks, Well as much as I enjoy looking at my ARB 47L / 50Q the time come to fit the Transit Bag, Be it against my desires but it makes sense because I bought it when I bought the fridge and I want to keep my Fridge looking like the day I unpacked it. First thing I noticed is what an...