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  1. bluejeep

    Slumberjack roadhouse tarp / any other users?

    same concept, but from cabella's. Still trying out different configurations
  2. bluejeep

    Best Aggressive All Terrain or Mild Mud Terrain Tire?

    I've run the Cooper MAXX for just over 40,000 miles now, no issues, good both on road and off, they air down and flex nicely. I plan to switch to Kenda Klever R/t in the 35 x 10.5 x 17 when these finally wear out, primarily because of the 10.5" width. The tread looks comparable, they are cost...
  3. bluejeep

    Post up your drawer/storage system

    try roller cam- very solid hold down - not your average cam buckle at all. Been tested and written about on overland journal
  4. bluejeep

    UCO Flatpack grill/firepit

    i have one of those, love how they pack down, great for cooking as long as it's not for a large group due to limited grill space. Also nice for small camp fire
  5. bluejeep

    Hydraulic Winch

    My 2 speed Milemarker 10k has been flawless, running off the power steering pump. I added an in-line filter. There is always an on-going discussion about the hydro winch needing the motor running to operate, versus the electric not being able to pull electricity for very long without the motor...
  6. bluejeep

    Front Runner Wolf Packs

    I have 4 wolf boxes and they work as you say - great. Love the straight sides and tight corners, I got the high lids and metal clips. Lined up end to end I used to set my air mattress on top and they made a great sleep surface inside the jeep without having to unpack everything.
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    Jerry can holders for sale

  8. bluejeep

    recommendations for a portable air compresor

    I've had great luck with a 110V compressor / inverter combination, which gives me the added benefit of being able to power other 110V items. I actually got my compressor at Harbor Freight over 10 years ago, and other than swapping out the crappy hose it has been flawless. Here's some pics...
  9. bluejeep

    Easier Airing up.........?

    "Indeflate" makes a unit for doing 2 tires at once, and another for 4 tires at once. I'm in the process of getting a 4 tire unit, issues with US distributor inventory but I'm seeing promise by going direct. A work in progress click here
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    AEV Tubeless Front Bumper and Skid Plate - Philadelphia, PA

    and it fits what vehicle...........?
  11. bluejeep

    Cargo Baskets - Show me how you secure your load!

    frontrunner outfitters does something like this as well. checkout their site for other good ideas too
  12. bluejeep

    Body mounted step?

    Do you have a link to that step?
  13. bluejeep

    Camp Tables - What are you using?

    In addition to a work surface hanging off the camp trailer, I use 2 of these. They pack down quick and to a nice compact size. table
  14. bluejeep

    Cargo Baskets - Show me how you secure your load!

    been using one of these for years, feel very secure about things staying where they are. Of course care is to be taken in packing as well for best results
  15. bluejeep

    JEEP Setup picture thread

    I did something a little different, after trying various setups. and I've attached a few pics of the current setup after finishing it, except redoing the rack surface and giving a good...
  16. bluejeep

    Kenda Klever R/T

    be sure to post up if you go with these, very interested in the 35 x 10.5 myself
  17. bluejeep

    Quiet sleeping bags for restless sleepers

    I have had 'restless leg syndrome' RLS forever. If his legs have to move, he tosses and turns for hours, and it keeps him awake, it should be checked with the doctor sooner rather than later. Sleep is so important. I finally found Ropinirole...
  18. bluejeep

    Truck camping-looking for suggestions on organization and storage

    I've had luck with front runner wolf pack boxes, and they have the smaller cub pack size as well
  19. bluejeep

    Store Spare Tire in P/U Cab?

    Not a PU cab, but same concept. Very solid, no smells, easy in / out. Bought cover in case I need to swap out a blown tire that's messy. For me it was an effort to get the weight off the tailgate, not the same issue you have, but it shows it can be done.