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    4th Gen Ram AEV winch bumper on 3rd Gen Ram

    So I recently learned there are adapter brackets that will allow a 4th gen bumper to be mounted on a 3rd gen Ram. Which got my wheels turning. I have yet to find ANY winch bumper that I like for the 3rd gen. They are all gawdy or huge or jut out about 4 feet from the front, or too aggressive...
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    Hard Sides in standard pop up

    So, I am in the beginning stages of looking at pop up truck campers, and I see the same things over and over about cold weather camping and the soft sides not being the best thing for that overall. That is the general consensus it seems, and it makes sense. Those that have the pop ups, why not...
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    2021 Dodge Dakota

    Potentially based on Jeep Gladiator platform but with IFS.
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    Colorado / Canyon bent frame

    Saw this on FB so thought it’s just leave it here. Don’t know anything about it other than the pictures.
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    Side mount on the truck bed

    Made up some brackets that hold the bike rack on the side of the bed so that the back doors stay free to open and close. Just thought I would share.
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    Design help request: Dog enclosure UNDER truck for camping

    I have a Dodge Megacab that I am starting to outfit for camping and light off road trips. I have a wife and a toddler, and two dogs. One dog is 90 lbs, and the other is 35 lbs. That is too much meat to store in the camper shell where we plan to sleep in the beginning (have to test the waters...
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    Slide In / Out Cabinetry and Storage

    I am going to be converting my ARE contractor cap to a pop top similar to an OVRLND type setup. Built in storage / sink / cabinetry etc would be great, but has anyone ever done this in a removable slide in / slide out type setup? Basically a floor and sides that go over the wheel wells that...
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    Stocking stuffers

    Any good low budget stocking stuffers that aren’t garbage that fit the camping / expo lifestyle? I used to be big into hiking and light camping but it’s been a while and I’d like to get some input.
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    3rd Gen Ram owners....Skid plates

    What are you guys doing for skids, if anything? My 06 Mega has the transfer skid, but that's it. The only option I am finding for the vulnerable fuel tank is the factory unit which is a little chintzy looking, but admittedly better than nothing. I shot this place an email...
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    Build camper using ladder rack as a frame?

    What say you about trying to use a ladder rack frame as the beginning of a pop up camper? I am posting all kinds of of camper shell questions at the moment, but I am trying to figure out the best route. Ultimately, I would LOVE an OVRLND unit, but i do not have $8K sitting around for something...
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    Camper shell with swing open doors: Opinions

    Anyone have a camper shell that has swing open doors like the Snugtop Outback, or one of the many commercial shells that have them? I love the idea, but I am looking for some real world feedback on the pros and cons of this setup. I don't carry overly long items that a tailgate would offer...
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    Dodge: 4th Gen Topper on 3rd Gen truck (Help wanted)

    Hey everyone, been a while since I have posted up but I now have a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Megacab. I'll get right to the point. I want the Snugtop Outback, but they don't make them for 3rd gen Dodges, and they are real @ssholes about it when asking for some help. Link to the shell below on...
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    WTB! TN - 2006-2007 5.9 Dodge Mega Cab

    Must be 4wd, must be automatic. The more stock and less modified it is, the better. Sub-150k miles preferred. Roughly $30k budget. Willing to travel for the right truck. Thanks!
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    Who can read this tire size pictured?

    This is the perfect size tire to me, and I think its a 255/85R16, but when you zoom in on the pic, its hard to tell. Thoughts?
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    FS TN: 1997 Ford F-250 7.3 Dana 60 *MORE PICS*

    1997 Ford F-250, just rolled over 180K miles. . Almost entirely stock. Never had a chip or a programmer. 3rd owner. No rust. No tears in the seats. Brake controller and factory tow package. 2 new batteries in May. Fresh oil change, fresh fuel filter change. A/C blows cold, heat blows hot. White...
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    2003 Yamaha dual sport

    $2300.00 OBO . 2003 Yamaha TTR-250, low miles, hardly ridden. Sits on a battery tender. Fully adjustable front and rear suspension, front / rear disk brakes, air cooled, 6 speed transmission, electric start. New stator, spark plug, phenolic skid plate, bark busters with hand guards, insulated...
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    *SOLD* TN, 1994 Suzuki DR125, 1500 miles

    *SOLD* SALE PENDING UNTIL THE 28TH . Only 1537 miles. I bought this bike in July of 2012 to teach my wife to ride. She learned on this bike in no time. We went to some local gravel roads and she took it around the trails there with no issues. It has a lower seat for shorter or younger people...
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    *SOLD* FS: TN, 1977 Suzuki GS750, street tracker-ish

    1977 Suzuki GS750. Clean title. Bought as a project and completed the following: took it apart to the frame and engine, new (used) instrument bezel, new handle bars, 06-07 GSXR front master cylinder and resevoir, front stainless braided brake line, rebuilt rear master and resevoir, rear...