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    2 roof baskets

    I have a Thule roof basket with center extension and front faring and crossbars. $250 I also have roof rack and cargo basket off of my high top Nissan patrol. Fully adjustable to fit anything with gutters pretty much. This a nice piece of kit $375 Located in NorCal, please call if you are...
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    BMW GSA / GS goodies and garage clean out

    I have 3 BMW GSA bikes so, All parts are for 2014-current BMW GSA/GS I have factory new front and rear blue seat $200 new Adventure seat with tail cap new in the plastic $380 new BMW aluminum top case with backrest pad $275 used BMW aluminum pannier carrying straps $40 new Heidenau k76...
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    2006 sportsmobile 4x4 diesel

    I am posting up my van for sale along with my raptor as I do not need 2 rigs. I've had 4 Sportsmobiles and by fair this is the cleanest one I've owned. I've looked at over 30 before purchasing this one. It currently had 97k and will go up as I still enjoy taking trips. This is a voyager top full...
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    2011 ford raptor with Phx Sold!!!!!!

    This truck is completely stock with the exception of custom deaver spring packs out back. It is fully loaded with every option that year, window sticker avalible. There are no dents scratches only a small repair in the driver seat...shown in vid. All maint is up to day and the truck is ready to...
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    Built 2004.5 dodge 4x4

    I am purchasing a class A motorhome and have decided to post 2 of my trucks up for sale and this is one of them. I am the second owner of the truck and it has been meticulously maintained. The truck has run amsoil in it since day one, engine, tranny, diffs all of it.current miles are 188k and...
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    2008 F350 W/Popup price drop

    (Cut from my post a while back)! Well I have been on this forum for along time and really don't post any pics, of my rigs or trips and there have been many! My expo journey started with a jeep cherokee, then a wrangler...
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    My trailer is on the block

    here is the link, if you have any ??? feel free to call the number in the listing. The trailer is bomber and for anyone on the forums that has met me out there they will a test to it. Sorry about the post earlier.....some one hacked my account and trashed my add. Cheers Eli...
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    spring cleaning!

    up for sale are a few thing I found laying in my storage. Giotto mono pod...with tripod leags as well sweet set up-$75 Xantrex 60A solar controller new in box- $100 Iphone 4 with ATT sim card works great, has a small crack in lower corner of front.-$125 Sure EC-5 noise CXL ear buds (550 new)...
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    BMW F800GS parts and pack

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]I have a few parts from my 2010 F800GS that are laying in storage. Enduro tall seat black/gray $200 stock wind screen $50 Bobble B rider pack $150 seat back rest for 2 up riding, will need your own flat rack to mount too. It is pretty trick as it...
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    80 series parts new in factory box

    My 80 has been long gone for over a year now, and I still have these parts laying around. I have a kit to rebuilt the front outers, gaskets bearings, clips,seals everithing you need to do the job, and a new oil filter to boot. It is still sealed up in the box from toyota....the reciept is...
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    ford van bumpers

    I have a custom offroad front bumper for a ford. it is a direct bolt up to 150,250,350 vans fron 93-07. This is made of 2x6 box steel and 1/4. This is not some cheap bling bumper that cant take a was purpose built. I did not have a winch at the time of build so there is no mount on it...
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    Retro Army Bike

    Well guys, I am the second owner of the bike. I got this from a friend who bought in Germany while stationed there in 95. I have all paper work, and is plated and and currently registered as well. When I got the bike it had been sitting for about a year, So I took it from a stok...
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    bits forsale!

    Hi all, It is time for another cleaning of the shop. I have these unsued from from my bikes when purchased new. parts from 2011 BMW F800gs: factory pegs-$20 factory windscreen-$40 factory seat-$100 Set of unmount (new) factory tires-$150 Husaberg FE570 2009: Rear tail section new-$10 front...
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    2012 SUPERFLY 100 full XX

    I bought this bike new a few months back and shortly there after I destroyed my left I got about 5 rides on the bike, maybe 90-120 miles tops. If you are looking at this add and are serious then you know these fetch 9k retail.....I suspect you can scoop up a new one if you haggle for...
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    EXPO G-Wagon I had a hand in this build and am pretty familiar if anyone has any ????? This is a dear family member making a life change. Thanks
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    WTT Eezi Awn 1600 For Magiolina

    Like the ad says I would like to trade my 1600 for a Magiolina, if anyone is interested...I am not looking for a project, it my be clean and ready to go. Thanks Eli
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    Long awaited build

    Well here is the start of my build. I have gone full circle starting with a 94 LC back in 99....running the whole gammet from xj,tj,mj, 710 pinzgauer, 62 series.....and now I am back to a 93 80 series :^) Well I guess you just know what works and what dosnt after all of that. Long story short...
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    big clean out sale (just the start!)

    Well I am cleaning out extras and stuff I just dont use. If you have ?? please email me or call me dirrectly. I am located in El paso and but am heading to expo so I could bring some of it with me. Please dont tell me how much stuff cost on amazon......go to amazon and buy it. Sorry I just felt...
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    Off-Road escape pod!

    Well I have been on this forum for along time and really don't post any pics, of my rigs or trips...figure now is as good a time as any. My expo journey started with a jeep cherokee, then a wrangler with a 416 trailer. Then moved on to a comanche, these were all wheeling weekend trip rigs...
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    1993 lifted locked Cherokee

    Well here goes...I have cut the heard from 7 down to the last 3...sold my Sportsmobile,built comanche, 53 willy's 4x4 pick up and my expo Pinzgauer is pending. I have decided to build one last rig that will take me where ever I end up after retirement...which is coming soon :coffeedrink...