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  1. mk216v

    New ARB air locker (RD166); FRONT or REAR! 4.56+ gears

    New-in-box ARB air locker (RD166) for Ford, for use w/ 4.56+ gears. This can be used in the front OR rear! See pg4 here for specific Ford applications; Purchased from ARB for my V10 Unicorn project; that van went to a new home...
  2. mk216v

    Winch; front, rear, both? Fixed or movable?

    Building a new F350/flatbed camper. Won't be a daily driver, so all adventure "gear", as in at least 1 winch, will be staying on the truck at all times. I've been pretty set on aftermarket front bumper(Warn Ascent) w/ bull bar for better approach angle, some animal strike protection, more...
  3. mk216v

    2019 F350 4x4 custom flatbed camper

    Well, after about 5 years of trying to brainstorm the “perfect rig” (it doesn’t seem to exist, well at least it’s not produced, but most of you all already know this) for off-grid exploring/camping in 4seasons, including the optimal custom cabin layout for 2-4 people and 2 60lb dogs, I’ve had to...
  4. mk216v

    Rare ambo G's

    Here's a rare one; Or how about a pair of rare birds, with half as many miles, and less $ overall...
  5. mk216v

    GXV Adventure Truck; how many here?

    I know RallyeX here has one, anyone else? Feedback thus far?
  6. mk216v

    New 35" chains, new ARB front air locker Ford E-Series

    For sale; #1 -new-in-bag 1pair of Olympia Sprint "140MFG" commercial grade truck chains for 35x12.5x17's; $155 + S&H #2 -new-in-box ARB front(RD166) air locker for 4.56+ gears; $894 + S&H
  7. mk216v

    FS; 2015 F150 SuperCrew Lariat FX4-4x4-Offroad, 3.5L EcoBoost

    Fully loaded, over $16k in Ford options, plus over $5k in aftermarket extras. SuperCrew Lariat 4x4 FX4-Offroad, 3.5L EcoBoost, Magnetic Metallic over black leather, 6spd w/ select shift. Skid plates and hill descent control, 502A pkg (Lariat Sport appearance package, LED lighting, BLIS(blind...
  8. mk216v

    FS: Icon stg3 coilover susp for '15+ F150; NEW IN BOXES

    I purchased this Icon Vehicle Dynamics stage3 suspension for my Magnetic '15 F150 FX4 late last year, thru Icon. I hadn't installed it then since winter was approaching and I was running Blizzak's on my stock 20s(which wouldn't look super cool with a lifted truck). Once late spring came I was...
  9. mk216v

    FS; many new Ford E350 parts; DoorTalon, UJOR OBA, ARB lockers, VanTred, vinyl flooring, 35" truck chains, etc

    Many of these were for/on VANdiana; -new-in-bag updated double-hook DoorTalon; $40 shipped ***SOLD -new-in-box UJOR OBA system w/ extra fittings/coil hose/blowgun; $925 + S&H ***SOLD -new-in-box ARB front(RD166) air locker for 4.56+ gears; $920 + S&H -new-in-box ARB rear(RD140) air locker...
  10. mk216v

    FS; 2010 Ford E350 RB V10 cargo w/ rear HVAC; 2nd owner; CLEAN

    Selling my 2nd van (after I sold the infamous VANdiana Jones) as I won't be using it for my next project. 2010 E350 SuperDuty RB V10 cargo w/ rear HVAC. SUPER CLEAN, owned by the US Gov't. I'm the 2nd owner. Only 81k on the clock. Very rare option'd model; Regular Body cargo van, no RSC system...
  11. mk216v

    FS: Autohome Columbus Medium(gunmetal), FrontRunner rack/etc, Fiamma F35 Pro awning

    Selling my complete roof rack/rack accessories/RTT/awning setup. The perfect complete setup to outfit your overland vehicle. Setup for either a Mercedes G-Wagen for Ford E-Series van, but COULD EASILY BE ADAPTED TO OTHER RIGS!! --Front Runner 2.4M Tall(feet) rack for Mercedes G-Wagen. Currently...
  12. mk216v

    A new '92-15 Ford E-Series/Econoline front bumper option

    Even though I currently have an aftermarket bumper(a custom stubby JCR Jeep bumper fab'd by Brad to fit the E350; a very well done fab job I must say), I was looking for something a bit different, and with full width protection. As many of you know, the options for Econoline front bumpers are...
  13. mk216v

    100 owners with ARB dual swingout rear bumper--need some pics/info

    Asking a big favor to anyone with a Hundy with the ARB dual swingout rear bumper; Could that anyone take some pictures(how the bumper mounts to the truck) and measurements from mounting...
  14. mk216v

    2004 Ford E350 Sportmobile 4x4 6.0 Diesel for parts - $9000 (Blaine WA)

    No affiliation, just found it in a search. Parting out the pictured 2004 Ford e350 4x4 van, at this point I would rather just sell it whole as one piece to somebody that wants to build an ultimate adventure rig. These vans are over $50,000...
  15. mk216v

    2 Ford E350's 4x4's in Portland OR

    Happened upon them in a Craigslist search. No affiliation other than Matt at Speed Sports(first link) is well-respected in the auto community here;
  16. mk216v

    What's the name of G-Wagen sales/restoration shop in USA?(fairly new place)

    Hey all, I'm trying to think of the name of a fairly new business(at least AFAIK), they're in Cali or Colorado I believe. They sell G-Wagens and also restore them, fix them up with repaints or whatever you want. Lots of older W460 military units, they recently had 1 red 300GD ambulance. They've...
  17. mk216v

    Body swap(body on frame rig)??

    I've searched ExPo but couldn't find any info. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with legitimately/legally doing this. Say I wanted to replace the body on my van with another body. Is there any way to successfully, and legally, make this happen, and not affect resale down the road...
  18. mk216v

    Louder horns??

    ***I should have originally posted this topic here vs the Van thread, so reposting here; I've searched the forums but haven't found any solid info. Has anyone found any louder horns they've had good success with? I'm looking to add these to my 2007 Ford E350 turbodiesel. I was originally...
  19. mk216v

    Louder horns?? (for VANdiana E350)

    I've searched the forums but haven't found any solid info. Has anyone found any louder horns they've had good success with? I'm looking to add these to my 2007 Ford E350 turbodiesel. I was originally thinking something along the lines of air horns(I will be getting UJOR's OBA setup soon, so...
  20. mk216v

    What tire pressures are you running on your van?

    We got talking about our van's tire pressures on and off-pavement on another thread, decided to bring it here for full discussion. It seems I've been running my tires lower on pavement than others. Curious as to; --Your vehicle make/model/year/2WD or 4WD. Vehicle weight unloaded/loaded if you...