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  1. PowerWagner

    2010 Sprinter RV. Lifted 4.5”. 920w Solar. 63gal H2o. 17mpg. Ready for Full Time Travel.-- SOLD!!

    Great rig - what can it tow weight wise considering its contents, etc.? Thanks
  2. PowerWagner

    2015 F-150 Adventure Rig

    Are you towing the F150 with the motorhome?
  3. PowerWagner

    2012 Ram Power Wagon Misc. OEM Parts for Sale

    Bump - Get this stuff outta my garage!
  4. PowerWagner

    known Power wagon issues

    Agreed - no other factory vehicle sans the Rubicon can do what this big pig can. I love this truck just not the cost. and if used for real back country 40 miles plus from anyone adventure which I have and do, one can not be worried that an issue may occur when one is far from any real help...
  5. PowerWagner

    known Power wagon issues

    I've lubed mine every 6K - needle applicator proper lithium grease. Transfer case - Kaboom!
  6. PowerWagner

    known Power wagon issues

    As an owner - Steering - gets lose over time Lockers - Rear difficult to engage and actuator can be subject to failure if towing Gas mileage - atrocious Service - dealer knows jack **** about these trucks. If you've got a good mechanic or self skilled you'll be okay but issues like locker...
  7. PowerWagner

    2012 Ram Power Wagon Misc. OEM Parts for Sale

    Bump with an update on OP
  8. PowerWagner

    SOLD - Yaesu FT-2900R $100

    This has been sold. Thank you for your interest.
  9. PowerWagner

    2012 Ram Power Wagon Misc. OEM Parts for Sale

    Springs and Track bar sold. Who wants a pair of control arms, shocks, and other sweet accoutrements :-) All with approximately 30K miles on them OBO. Please PM if interested. Front Springs - $75 SOLD Upper and Lower Control Arms - $125 Front Shocks - $50 Track Bar - $100 SOLD Hub Cabs x 3 -...
  10. PowerWagner

    SOLD - Yaesu FT-2900R $100

    For sale, slightly used Yaesu with mounting bracket and hardware. Works as intended. $100.00 Please PM if interested.SOLD
  11. PowerWagner

    1997 Tiger CX -- Ford F250

    Good looking rig. What are known issues with the truck, motor, trans, and suspension?
  12. PowerWagner

    Not mine but wish it was Kodiak Motorhome

    Do you think there's a substantial weight difference between the 20 passenger fully loaded and the RV version? What kind of gas mileage do you get?
  13. PowerWagner

    Not mine but wish it was Kodiak Motorhome

    I've always wondered how many miles one can reasonably get out of those durmax diesels matted to those motorhomes...
  14. PowerWagner

    2013 Tiger/Provan Bengal

    I like and agree not for $80K.
  15. PowerWagner

    2 315x70x17 Cooper ST MAXX tires less than 7K miles - SOLD

    Have two coopers for sale $50 ea. Excellent condition. Located in So Cal. They gone!
  16. PowerWagner

    2010 E350 with UJoint 4x4 kit on 35's and V10

    Seems like enough of an issues list for the price to be too high for me. That's just one opinion though...
  17. PowerWagner

    Selling My Adrenalin Blast Trailer -- San Francisco, CA

    Man it would be perfect if I could strap a 2 seat RZR to the top of it...
  18. PowerWagner

    4x4 Muscle Cars

    I think he is my new hero.