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    building a loading ramp / ladder

    I need to make something similar to a Ready Ramp for my Tacoma. Was planning on building it out of steel, just because I can't weld aluminum myself right now. Thought I'd just use something like 1 x 2 x .090-wall rectangular tubing for the legs, and was trying to find something like ladder rungs...
  2. J

    making a fold-down trailer door

    I'm turning an M103A3 trailer (10ft flatbed military trailer) into an enclosed trailer that I'm planning on towing behind Mah Deuce. Designing the enclosure right now, and I'm wondering how I should go about making the read door. I'm pretty sure I'd like to do a fold-down door that will also...
  3. J

    one brand new BFG Mud Terrain tire - 33x10.5x15"

    I've got one BRAND NEW (never mounted) BFG Mud Terrain KM tire that I was planning on using for a vehicle that I no longer have. It's 33x10.5x15". Would like to get $100 for it. Located in Morgan Hill, CA 95037.
  4. J

    insulating cab

    I just purchased a brand new cab for my deuce and a half (basically a Jeep tub). Mine is not in any sort of bad shape, but it would take me a couple of days to repair the little bit of rust in the rocker panels, and I got this NOS cab cheap enough that I couldn't say no. The cab was galvanized...
  5. J

    need to fabricate some type of insulated computer tower mount

    I finished-up the last of the cabinets and all of the woodwork at Davis Cabinets last week, and now I'm working on the electrical and plumbing and all that fun stuff. One of the things I need to do is design/build some type of insulated mount for my computer, which is going to sit in this...
  6. J

    FREE BRAND NEW Thetford Electramagic 80 recirculating toilet

    I'm going to put one of these super-cool toilets in the motorhome that I'm building, but I ended up with an extra one. It's an Electra Magic 80 made by Thetford. It recirculates water and so uses less... water. This is a BRAND NEW toilet, it just doesn't include any mounting hardware, or...
  7. J

    hubsteps - any interest?

    I designed a set of hubsteps for my Deuce motorhome project, and I'm going to make a small batch for some of the other guys with deuces. Now I'm wondering whether there would be any interest in hubsteps like these for other applications. Maybe the Mitsubishi trucks, or ______? The Deuce versions...
  8. J

    need to insulate between aluminum box and framerails?

    I'm mounting a 14ft aluminum Uhaul moving truck box on top of this M353 3.5-ton military trailer chassis, and I'm wondering whether I should use anything to insulate the aluminum box from the steel framerails. The box will be pretty well-supported and securely bolted down - and the trailer only...
  9. J

    Sierra Club Members?

    Does anyone here belong to the Sierra Club?
  10. J

    cabinet door latches

    I'm having Davis Cabinets build all of the cabinetry for the interior of my M109 motorhome conversion, and I need to decide what type of latches to have them install on all of the cabinet doors. I searched, but turned up so many results that I couldn't sort through them to find anything useful...
  11. J

    5 - BFG 255/85/16 MT's on 16x8" forged Alcoas

    I've got a complete set of five BFG 255/85/16 Mud Terrain tires mounted on 16x8" forged Alcoas (the classic 8-hole aluminum wheels). The wheels have a Toyota/Chevy 6 on 5.5" lug pattern and the backspacing is 4.5". I've ran these wheels on several different Toyota trucks (they need to be...
  12. J

    awesome little bed/box combo

    Saw it on CL and thought I'd post it here. Not mine.
  13. J

    1958 Alaskan Camper - 10ft non-cabover

    This a really nice vintage camper. If you don't know what an Alaskan Camper is, visit It's a very high quality hard-sided pop-up camper. This one is in pretty good condition, considering it's age and has minimal water damage. Otherwise it's in great shape. It's a good...
  14. J

    Where can I find a ladder like this?

    Saw it on the Global X Vehicle and thought it was a great idea. Is that something proprietary, or can I buy a set of stairs / ladder like that somewhere?