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  1. java

    Track Width

    Question for all the bigger camper guys. What's your track width and does it match front to rear? I'm running into issues with either having to space the front end way out to match the rear or tuck the rear tires way in. IMO matching is ideal, the sand/snow etc is packed by the front wheels...
  2. java

    WTB: AT Can Holders

    Looking for one or two AT Fuel or water can holders. I'm in WA.
  3. java

    How often do you clean your Solar panels?

    Simple question: How often do you clean your Solar panels? Thinking of putting some of the roof of my truck, but they would be inaccessible realistically. I could clean occasionally when home off a ladder. They would be flat mounted, so easy to collect "stuff". How much efficiency will I loose?
  4. java

    DIY Propane Firepit

    I was looking at propane fire pits, but they were all huge! I have a 4runner and with kids and dogs its packed to the gills already. I wanted one with a lid to keep the lava rock in. Then I had a brain wave one night while thinking about it. A 50cal ammo can! I had made a wood stove before so I...
  5. java

    Exploring Beautiful BC -Banff, Jasper and Wellsgrey in the NWadventureTruck

    We did a trip up to explore BC, we went through Banff, Jasper and Wellsgrey parks. Great trip and the first long one in our newly built truck. Amazing trip, lots of fun hikes and great scenery. Full write up here: A few pics from the trip
  6. java

    Rough ride - Wheels and Tires - 19.5's to 20" LT's? or Suspension

    OK guys, looking for some input here. Took the truck out this weekend. This was a first long stretch of gravel we had done, not too bad on the smoother sections but the pot holed areas were brutal. Like 10mph crawl at best, otherwise I thought I would break the truck. This has me thinking about...
  7. java

    1997 E350 4x4 Winniebago - SOLD

    Rare Low Mileage, 4x4, RV 4x4 conversion done by Salem Kroger (now known as Whitefeather) , DOT plaque from the shop on it. It was originally used by the Sheriff/ King County Search and Rescue as a communication/logistics vehicle. Winnebago RV, the box measures 17' floor length, 25' overall...
  8. java

    Heater/Furnace Sizing

    OK guys here goes! I am having a hell of a time sizing a heater for my truck. I currently have a 40k btu in a 17' floor length truck, its way too much, heater cycles a lot (short cycles). New truck is 12' floor length, but higher ceilings and better insulated. Walls will be R10.5, ceiling is...
  9. java

    Portable vs Fixed Roof mount Solar panels

    Going back and fourth with my new build.... Id like some thoughts from other users. I have 2 100W panels on the roof on my last truck. Pros: Always there and charging. Cons: Hole in the roof Get dirty Not ideal angle. Portable: Pros: Easy to clean Correct angle No roof hole Cons: Have to...
  10. java

    Custom Off Road Mini Trailer -WA $1800 SOLD

    SOLD I have a new project that I need the funds for, so this is going up for sale. Hand built, by me. 48" x 48" box, fit small action packers two high, by two or three wide Locking aluminum plated lid, whit gas strut to hold open. Bulb seal keeps it water tight. Tail gate is stainless...
  11. java

    Ski Bum Truck V2.0, F450 Rough Road RV

    I have been half searching for a replacement for our Ski Bum Mobile V1.0 , I love the truck, but the long overhang and fiberglass construction limit me a bit. I had gotten a quote from Tri Van for an all aluminum body (same construction as Ward's Ram 5500) for an F450/550, and was keeping an eye...
  12. java

    Sealants, roof, windows etc

    Thoughts on sealants? Butayl on the windows? Seems to last 10 years or so. Kinda nasty after it gets dusty and hot. Sikaflex/polyurethane? 3M 4200/5200? They make UV stable now, but how good is it in reality? What all have you guys used? Walls and roof are aluminum.
  13. java

    Spray foam vs sheets

    Thinking about insulation. Who has used spray foam and who has used sheet foam? I like that spray foam will not leave any gaps for condensation, but its it really worth the extra price? It will be going over an aluminum outer skin. :beer:
  14. java

    Ford 6.4L Input?

    Good/bad? From ym reading it seems that DPF delete and draining the fuel water separator regularly will keep them happy. Opinions? :elkgrin:
  15. java

    Renault Dakar Service Truck - Ebay

    Its in CA...
  16. java

    Medium Duty Ambo Interior Heights

    I have been looking everywhere, but with all the medium duty guys I figured I would just ask. Are there any body manufacturers that build one taller than 72" inside? :beer:
  17. java

    IH dt466 4x4

    Oh how I want this. If he doesnt list a price its probably not in my price range. But its cool, dt466, 4x4, locker.
  18. java

    SL vs LT tire

    I will probably get crucified for starting Another tire thread.... But we have some very knowledgeable people here. So here goes, What are the real differences between a Standard load (SL) tire vs a LT tire.(SL not P metric) I am looking at Duratrac's so I will use them for reference...
  19. java

    Limitations of the ball hitch

    We all know the ball hitch isn't the best for off road, mostly due to the lack degree of rotation. But where is the limit? And what happens when you push it (breakage?) Here is where i'm coming from: I have a trailer I use for camping, most weekends, and I have a small boat I take to the lake...
  20. java

    Lake Wenatchee Area WA, Tunnels and Tanks.

    Took a quick trip to the Wenatchee area Friday night. The original plan was to run the 6700 road from Hwy 2 to about Lake Wenatchee and find a spot to camp. About 5 miles off hwy 2 we found a fair bit of snow. And some nice guys stuck in it. Pulled them out, and decided to turn around...