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  1. MuckSavage

    PSA regarding vehicle service

    I used to drive a 2002-ish F150 company truck. I always serviced the truck myself. Oil change was due & the weather was crappy so I took it to Jiffy Lube. Now that truck used a conical filter. Manager dude walks out with a filthy oil soaked panel filter & says "my man, you're in desperate need...
  2. MuckSavage

    Skottle lid

    @Tumbleweed thanks for the tip on the "hi-rise" lid option. I've been using the lid from an old pot
  3. MuckSavage

    Walmart - Close Out Ammunition Sale

    Kinda good, kinda bad. Walmarts here, in NJ stopped selling ALL guns & ammo maybe 20 years ago.
  4. MuckSavage

    Tactical Gear dot com

    Mine's plastic....oh wait, Maybe it's really a glass reinforced nano-technology advanced polymer 🤪
  5. MuckSavage

    Tactical Gear dot com

    A friend gifted me a Kabar Spork a few years ago. I love it!
  6. MuckSavage

    Random dog shots

    Chase is loving Mountain House Beef Stroganoff!
  7. MuckSavage

    Paging fellow Yetis...

    Tahoe/Yukon should fit the bill. I (comfortably) drive I Jeep Commander but I'm only 6-2, 220
  8. MuckSavage

    Any running the new MotoZ Tractionator Adventure tires?

    @gatorgrizz27 you may want to check for an answer on advrider. The only thing I can offer is a buddy put them on his Africa Twin. We live in the south Jersey Pines so our main off-highway conditions are sand. He reports good performance in the sand. His complaints are the front tire cupped badly...
  9. MuckSavage

    Pyrenees Coast to Coast Traverse

    Great report & beautiful photography. Thank you for sharing. Here's a nice video ride report from a ground of guys on rented Adv bikes riding thru the Pyrenees.
  10. MuckSavage

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

  11. MuckSavage

    SSF556 Build Up - 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD

    I think I once read that in those years, part of the criteria for “Trail Rated” badging in those years was 3:73. My ‘07 Commander is Trail Rated & has 3:73
  12. MuckSavage

    Yetti's 2009 V strom 650

    Yup, a V-Strom specific forum with lots of great info there. Also, on ADVrider; At $2500, you scored an incredible deal.
  13. MuckSavage

    Yetti's 2009 V strom 650

    Nice score! You'll love it! Have you found your way over to Stromtroopers yet? Shinko 705's?
  14. MuckSavage

    Looking at Suzuki V-Strom 650

    30k on my '12. Fantastic bike!
  15. MuckSavage

    4.56 or 4.88s?

    I'm going with 4.88.
  16. MuckSavage

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    One of mine
  17. MuckSavage

    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    Rebuilt the front driveshaft with new CV Joints. No more howling & the Commander sounds like a luxury car again!
  18. MuckSavage

    Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!

    Trash Pickery yesterday on my way home from work: 1989 era 2 burner propane stove that works perfect! (Funny was strapping it on my V Strom to get it home)
  19. MuckSavage

    LED Headlight Recommendation

    I'll add this from the adv bike/dual sport side of things. A few years ago, I put an H4 led bulb in my DR350. While it produced massive amounts of bright, white light, the light was everywhere...the road, the sides & even the tree canopy. Oncoming motorists would flash high beams at me. I...