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    Front Mechanical Locker Experiences?

    Let me throw in another variable... Under hp’d engine vrs Weight, 2H Toyota in cruiser.. Touching a brake to get traction? In deep sand driving with cruiser that middle pedal is never touched or you‘re shoveling. I’ve been in many dangerous situations where your locking and driving selection is...
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    Damaged MAN Expedition truck

    This may be a dump question but does the camper portion legally belong to the truck or could you remove camper, even add another used camper box if needed to keep officials happy and export truck only?
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    Building our box out of wood?

    IMHO, Built right, wood will perform as good and more often better then many other high end material when subject to high vibration/ distortion. How do we know that? There are many wood and wood/ fiberglass boards that still float after many years of extreme use. You can build even a “long term”...
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    Heavy vehicle recovery gear

    Ramdough “I ended up getting a truck with a hydraulic winch. The winch is mounted mid truck and can pull front or rear.” I can never find much info on how mid mounted winch cables are strung to service both front and rear... How do you winch wire in and prevent a big mess on the drum when you...
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    '99 Land Cruiser 90 Series diesel (Canada - JDM import)

    Posted in wrong thread 😳 you’re right.. 🤓
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    '99 Land Cruiser 90 Series diesel (Canada - JDM import)

    I’m confused 🤷‍♂️, friends left South Africa weeks ago just before lockdown, clips on YouTube of locals being beaten by police for violating curfew and I know several expats have had trouble with angry locals threatening them for bringing virus to Africa. Are you having any issues there?
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    Q: What's the purpose of this part...?

    Based on boating “sail track” Great solution to attach cloth like material to the side of something. Creates an almost water tight joint. For those looking for a light weight option or if you rarely use an awning this provides great option but you do need poles or attachment points/ tree. The...
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    “They said they could not do that cause the possibility of a negative result is too great. What?” Sorry, no shock advice but, from experience, measure everything 10 times because it always seems to go wrong some how the farther you are away. Hand carried shocks for a landrover defender once from...
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    Convert 2019/20 4x2 Fuso 140 FE (gas) to 4x4?

    Biggolies Do you need to Make plan B and C ?, lot of SA countries are closing beaches and ordering all travelers to relocate.
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    Cool MAN Expo Camper in Germany (Video)

    Pretty awesome, I love German builds in general they really show they love what there’re doing and are competitive with each other, always pushing design perimeters Any idea of price? One thing I can never figure out in these German expedition camper general these vehicles appear to...
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    New Camper Build - THE OVERL[h]ANDER

    Sweet rear door design! I’ve been looking into same idea with windows. Saw a camper with a window within a larger hatch. Smaller window helps with security, minimizes cold/ heat loss but in optimum conditions larger hatch can be opened for more light/ air / scenery. Been thinking of adding a...
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    Heavy Duty Wheels

    Isn’t earthcruiser now using method rims?
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    Opinions on Older Round Nose Mercedes Trucks (LA911, etc.) for budget Overland Travel??

    Large trucks limit you no matter where you go. They are more problematic in some places more than others. In general, People who have not traveled abroad and only have USA as a reference (we are beyond lucky living in the USA for many reasons) may not truly appreciate how limiting a large...
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    To 4WD or Not to 4WD - Advice needed

    Some real good advice on this thread I can’t speak specifically to Baja experience but I know rough roads and vehicles . I look at any vehicle holistically. How will the vehicle systems perform for the desired task. What is the weakest link. Rear overhang mentioned, great example. My experience...
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    Coolant Loss

    Do you “smell” coolant at any time?
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    Unimog 1300L composite body camper - replacing damp plywood and re-sealing

    Some things to think about.. How will you know you have removed all the mold? With that small of an enclosed area that you will be sleeping inhaling mold spores is very dangerous. Maybe The most economic way to proceed forward is to physically remove all the damaged material to determine how...
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    2017 FG Alert?

    Several weeks for parts, holy crap... if you were using these trucks as work vehicles do you think dealer/ manufacturer would cover cost of rental truck over that period?
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    The Ultimate Troopy: 80 series + 75 series + LS v8 = LSJ155

    Unfortunately I think I know where they all go, Which is not necessarily a good thing as I am not a builder...