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  1. KE7JFF

    Replacing Rotting Wood Floor

    So, I'm dealing with replacing a rotten wood floor in a toy hauler I'm doing a remodel on. Essentially, its the entire kitchen standing space at about 4 feet by 4 feet. While I have decent woodworking skills, its been a while since I have tackled something like this. My understanding the...
  2. KE7JFF

    Stupid Trailer Refurbishing Questions

    So, I'm in the process of doing a light overhaul of a small travel trailer that was a donation to the search & rescue group I am a member of, which when done will be used kind of as a R&R unit when we have those long searches out in the middle nowhere so we can still have some comforts of home...
  3. KE7JFF

    New Wave 1: The Next Wave of this Suburban

    I'm a voleenter for a search & rescue group here in Oregon, Mountain Wave ( that provides communcations, medical, K9, 4x4 and other services for Search & Rescue operations as well other events here in Oregon (Insert bragging about magazine articles, newspapers, national TV, etc...
  4. KE7JFF

    Suburban Headlight Upgrade

    I seem to remember there was an easy junkyard upgrade of headlights to halogen bulbs on the 87 to 91 style Suburban bodies...I just can't remember what vehicle had the right reflectors. Anyone have an idea? Thanks!
  5. KE7JFF

    Vintage Powermate PM500 Generator Help

    So, I mentioned in another thread I scored a vintage Powermate PM500 generator for 25.00. its a little guy at 12 lbs that puts out 400W which is fine for my travels with my Suburban. The little Robin engine runs great, but the previous owner said it stopped giving power after he lost the...
  6. KE7JFF

    Older Generators to look out for

    While I like modern generators like the Honda EU2000 and what not, I like a good bargin on some older used generators. Been looking on craigslist and found some interesting fixer uppers that might be easy fixes. I found this guy: which is a...
  7. KE7JFF

    '89 Suburban Electric Locks

    My '89 Suburban V2500 was owned by the SAR group I belong to ( if you care) from 1992 to this past July when I bought it. About 5 years back, we had one of our members attempt to fix a battery drain issue that didn't know better about electrical other than cut wires until the...