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    DECKED Storage Drawers for Midsize (Tacoma/Colorado/Canyon/Frontier) Now Available!

    I'm long overdue in weighing in here but I installed a set in my Colorado last Thursday. I'll add some pics and first impressions here shortly! I will say that I've found the drawers to hold a lot more than I anticipated. My stuff seems to nestle in there nicely, even in the small drawer...
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    Cummins 2.8L Diesel "Repower" engine kit

    I know I know. I was being a little dramatic. The cost is still quite absurd IMO but I understand the real expense is in the details and supporting pieces. And to MuleShoer - I wasn't addressing any particular person, more of a rhetorical question that was posted with a little more aggression...
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    Cummins 2.8L Diesel "Repower" engine kit

    Lol the pricing on this is unreal if it pans out as posted. For any vehicle that's likely in need of a new engine I'd just assume buy a new one as opposed to spending that amount on a repower kit. You're really going to put that in a TJ when you can LS swap for buy a new 4.0 for a fraction of...
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    Ozark Trail "High Performance" cooler - any good?

    For sure. That's just one situation of several.
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    Ozark Trail "High Performance" cooler - any good?

    I ended up picking up the 72 for a trip we took a few weeks ago. Great features and design. OK performance so far? It's my first "fancy" cooler so I don't have much to compare it to. Sometimes I find myself thinking the ice is melting faster than expected. Other times it seems OK. And yes...
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    Another Special Offer From Midland for Expedition Portal Members

    Dang it! Any chance to extend this? I the true spirit of this form I was on the trail for the entire duration of this offer (from announcement to finish). I still want a 6db antenna and mount :( EDIT: that's a lie, it started just before we left. Shoot
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    GMRS as an alternative to CB or 2m?

    Lol. See thread title. Answer is absolutely. ;)
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    Special Midland Radio Offer For Expedition Portal Members

    I just need that dang 6db antenna and mount. When are those going to be back in stock?
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    GMRS as an alternative to CB or 2m?

    I've said this in another thread but I'll say it again here. The comparison to HAM is not a reasonable one to make. GMRS is an EXCELLENT CB replacement, and CB is the overwhelmingly popular choice for most trail comms. Cost, ease of access, range, and packaging all play a roll in why GMRS is...
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    Special Midland Radio Offer For Expedition Portal Members

    This is it. I didn't look at my MXT-115 as a stand in for HAM. It's a CB replacement. I'm in the Midland unit for maybe a little more money (or equal money, when I start to think about SWR meters and what not) and it's SO MUCH BETTER for a simple, clear trail comm. That's it. This really...
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    Special Midland Radio Offer For Expedition Portal Members

    So I'd like to get a 6db gain antenna and mag base for my MXT-115 but cannot add to cart. Are these unavailable from you at this time?
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    GPS Receivers

    I just picked up a Garmin GLO for my iPad. I haven't put any real hours on it yet (I will on Sunday) but in a my few tests around town it worked very well. I was using it with Avenza maps for the record. The resolution/accuracy seems very good so far but we'll see how it fares with a little...
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    GMRS as an alternative to CB or 2m?

    Thanks for the feedback, I think I'm going to add this to my arsenal. Not sure how handy it will be with the local trail crew yet, but it will definitely be handy for work.
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    GMRS as an alternative to CB or 2m?

    Jeeze, for an extra $50 you get a 10w bump? Any reason NOT to step up to the 115? I was about to pull the trigger on a 105 before seeing this.
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    2.5 star review...
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    Midland MXT100 GMRS Mini Review

    So I'm going to go ahead and ask the stupid question: would these Midland units allow for communication with, say, the Motorola Talk About walkies? Kind of a noob to GMRS. We use the handhelds a lot for work so between trail and work use these units have had my attention.
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    2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2

    Almost exactly what I'm doing. '16 Duramax LT. Just added Icon Stage 5 and a Deaver mini-pack in the back. Fingers crossed the lockers are backwards compatible (at least the rear) and I'm good to go. Cool truck nonetheless and awesome that Chevy launched it. I'd love to see the mid-size...
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    Preferred DIY paint for sliders/skids?

    One option that can look good depending on the vehicle is getting a nice consistent look on the steel (brushed, sanded, or otherwise) and just clearing over that. Certainly makes touch ups harder to spot! EDIT: I wanted to add that I'm typically a Rustoleum user. Good prep, primer, and gloss...