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  1. redthies

    XJ/ZJ as budget off roader

    So I already have a nicely modded 100 series Land Cruiser, and have owned CJs, TJs and JKs. I am looking for a cheap option to tow behind my truck and camper to explore some relatively easy passes in Colorado and Utah. There isn’t any rock crawling type use planned at this point so a 2–3”...
  2. redthies

    1994 Nissan 4x4 pickup. What's the skinny?

    Hi Nissan gurus. I have a '84 CJ7 that I've used as a toy for a year, but I want something a bit more driveable and utility oriented. I have an acreage and want a small truck that can haul fencing, firewood and maybe push a small plow in winter. I've been looking at F150s with the 300 ci...
  3. redthies

    My soon to be '90 Hilux

    I used to own a pretty nice Xtra cab Hilux. It was a great truck, but a bit small for my business. I'd been helping my nephew look for his first truck and steering him through the muddy waters of $2000 Furds, Dodges etc when I came across this truck. He decided it wasn't for him, but for the...
  4. redthies

    D90 TD models

    I have a friend from the UK who wants to bring a 90 over for a while and then sell it before returning. I was looking on fleaBay at what 90s were going for here. Am I wrong thinking prices are ridiculous? I'm seeing V8 NAS ones going for over $40k (well, there's a LOT of people trying to get...
  5. redthies

    7.3 Stalling issue

    The 97 is apparently stalling when Cristian is (for some reason) downshifting D-2-1. (I have suggested he does not drive it this way to keep his trans healthy, brakes being far cheaper than a trans). But I mention the downshifting in case it is relevant. The cam position sensor was replaced...
  6. redthies

    Best construction for off road use?

    I have a couple of friends who are shopping for a used hard side to take on a trip from the top of the Dempster hwy (arctic ocean) to the tip of South America in Ushuia Chile. The truck carrying it will be a '97 F350 crew with 7.3 diesel. Some of the planned route will include 500 mile +...
  7. redthies

    Holy Grail Truck

    I'm not going to spill the beans entirely yet, but a teaser pic of what is coming...
  8. redthies

    Hemi with 6 speed manual?

    Anyone got a 6 speed and Hemi in their 2500 or 3500? Looking for info on mpg highway and city. Gear ratio? Thanks!
  9. redthies

    Powerstroke question

    My 97 has started to act up in the past couple of weeks. I thought it was cold weather/glow plug related, but having changed those and the gasket/harnesses, I am now at a loss. The truck starts great, but it bogs when I am not on the throttle. It runs fine if I stomp on it, but sounds like it...
  10. redthies

    Hankook MT vs Toyo MT

    I have read all the reviews and threads... Which would be the choice based SOLELY on longevity under a one ton diesel?? Price is the same for both. Thanks!
  11. redthies

    Redthies' '97 F350 Thread

    As some of you may know, i suffer from "vehicular A.D.D." I tend to buy, fix up, and sell a few rigs. I used to average about 6 months in a truck before i would look for something else. I have a short list of "regret selling that" trucks. This '97 is a replacement/homage for two of those...
  12. redthies

    9.00 16 or 255/100r16 XZLs

    The poor old dead horse is going to take a beating here, but does anyone know of a source for XZLs in 9.00 16 or 255/100r16? I have been looking around with no results. New would be nice, but used that aren't splitting or dry rotted would do. Thanks for any info!
  13. redthies

    Random Photos (Fullsize rigs and places they take us)

    This is my answer to all the people asking for pics pics pics. I usually have a camera with me, and although my heart lies in the tropical sun and surf, I do realize I live in a pretty awesome spot, and get to drive some neat stuff. Feel free to add some not so truckish pics here. I know...
  14. redthies

    AEV 2.5" JK suspension released!

    I am not a link savvy guy, but I just got an email from AEV about their 2.5" kit finally being released. $899 includes everything. I'm sure someone else can/will post a link. I think I'm going to stick with my OME stuff. It is working great.
  15. redthies

    UZJ100 longevity???

    I find myself looking at 100 series these days as I want a V8 powered rig to act as a secondary tow rig, and possible replacement for the wife's Rubicon when the lack of quality begins to get to her. She is a dyed in the wool Toyota gal, so even with only 11,000 on the clock she has noticed...
  16. redthies

    92-97 F250 suspension options.

    I am still trying to find a work truck that isn't beat to death, and a 94 F250 with diesel and 5 speed has come along. I would normally avoid the TTB 250 and head straight to an F350, but this one is only 120k miles, and second owner who bought it in 98. It is very clean, and the price looks...
  17. redthies

    A tale of two Cummins trucks... What would you do?

    I am looking at two Dodges for use as a secondary travel, primary work rig. I am a builder and need something to haul materials, do dump runs and get firewood. The choices are: A '99 quadcab 2500 4x4 with 5 speed, or an '89 2500 4x4 reg cab 5 speed. Both have 250k on the clock. Both come...
  18. redthies

    97-01 Dakotas... What's to love, what's to hate???

    I find myself needing a "affordable" truck. My 80 series Land Cruiser is the best all round rig I have ever owned, but as a builder, it is not quite the ticket. I am looking at a few older Cummins trucks, and while my heart lusts after another one, all I can find with a 5 spd is an '89 with...
  19. redthies

    '11 Rubi Unltd Susupension myths?

    I have a set of OME coils sitting on the porch waiting for me to have a spare few hours to install. I have been reading on JKO about installs and set-up. Seems to me there is a lot of conflicting stories. The coils are the 0-90 lbs up front, and the 175 lbs for the rear. I have read stories...
  20. redthies

    305s VS 315s

    I am running 315 Procomp Xterrains now and love the size, but have a chance to swap for KM2s in 305. Both are 75-80%. The main reasons to consider this is a) noise level, b) I have always wanted to try the KM2s. I do go off pavement as often as possible, but like most of us, I am 80% or more...