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  1. xjaugie

    SOLD - 6 ft Bedslide For Sale

    Very interested. I'm close enough to call it local and can come one evening this week to check it out. Email me your number to
  2. xjaugie

    SOLD - 6 ft Bedslide For Sale

    still available?
  3. xjaugie

    Our Trip to Northwest Nebraska and the Black Hills Region

    Great write up on one of my favorite places to explore around. My mother works for the jeep tour company. She drives from Maryland out to Custer park each year to work for the summer. This year she is 70 years old and still makes the trek, she loves that park.
  4. xjaugie

    1984 Toyota Pickup 4x4 Xtra Cab

    What a great project that would be.....
  5. xjaugie

    1984 M1010 military ambulance 4x4 for sale

    I used to drive one in the National Guard as my survey truck. Loved it. Timing not right or I would jump on this one as it would make a perfect bug out unit. GLWS.
  6. xjaugie

    They Went Without Me so I'll Go Without Them

    WOW ! what a trip. Enjoy your travels. Great pics. AK is one of the best places on the earth. Even if a little cool and wet at times.
  7. xjaugie

    West Maroon Pass & Geneva Lake

    Thanks for sharing the photos are outstanding !
  8. xjaugie

    7 days, 5 states and 2,800 miles on a KTM 990 Adventure

    Great trip enjoyed the write up. I love the country out there and am beginning to make some plans to head out that way in September.
  9. xjaugie

    Random Scenic Shots

    Here is one I just finished tonight. The shot was taken last summer while on a 3 day canoe float trip.
  10. xjaugie

    Random Scenic Shots

    WreckDriver - I love the last shot in BW and the fence. Nice !
  11. xjaugie

    Roam About with "Big Hank"

    Sub'd Great read and photos Enjoy the trip !
  12. xjaugie

    Will an open cockpit on a yak reduce mpg's

    I drive around with the kayak on the top of the truck pretty much all the time this time of year. Having a cover will keep out the rain and dust, but MPG effected by the open cockpit, nay don't think so..
  13. xjaugie

    Sand Cove & Yellow Rock

    The sunrise photo with the sun as a star burst is unbelievable, what kind of exposure did you use to get the just enough light without being burned out? I guess a quick shutter ?
  14. xjaugie

    Sand Cove & Yellow Rock

    Are you using any filters ?
  15. xjaugie

    Random Scenic Shots

    Bridger - Great shots. Here is two from last week at the beach of North Carolina
  16. xjaugie

    Rookies on the Rubicon

    Great Write Up. The trail is on my list.
  17. xjaugie

    Gen1 frame replacement.

    When I go my 1st gen I did some research on the frame deal and on the toyota website you can enter your VIN and it will tell you the history of the truck and whether the frame issue has been resolved or not. In my case my 95.5's frame is solid as a rock and I had no outstanding "warranty...