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  1. stioc

    FS: Selling my ExPo built Nissan Pathfinder in SoCal

    Arguably the most popular R50 Nissan Pathfinder on the Internet. It has a complete build thread right here on ExPo that I started 7yrs ago (link in my signature). A definite attention getter and conversation starter in parking lots, gas stations etc. For the past 7 years this truck has taken my...
  2. stioc

    SOLD - Pair of HID converted IPF 968 lights, SoCal, $100

    SOLD <- update These go for $150+ without the HID conversion. I love these lights but I built a new bumper for my truck with the winch up front so no good place to mount them anymore. I converted them to HID using the 35w DDM tuning kit (details below), comes complete with the ballasts. The...
  3. stioc

    SOLD -- IPF 968 with HID coversion - SoCal - $100

    SOLD <- update. These go for $150+ without HID conversion. I love these lights but I built a new bumper for my truck with the winch up front so no good place to mount them anymore. I converted them to HID using the 35w DDM tuning kit (details below), comes complete with the ballasts. The only...
  4. stioc

    WTB: a used but good to fair condition 265/75/16 KM2 in SoCal

    Need one as a spare primarily, tread depth is not a huge deal so it can be well used but not looking for one with dry rot or repairs, just a clean used tire. Thanks!
  5. stioc

    How secure are the slide-in campers when attached to the truck

    I posted a few questions on the pros and cons in the Sportsmobile section and thought I'd post a couple of questions here too so I can make an informed decision. I guess the biggest question is how securely...
  6. stioc

    SMB/Van vs. slide-in/pop-top camper

    I couldn't find any discussion on the pros/cons so I thought I'd post here and see if the current owners went through the same decision between the two as I am and ultimately are you happy with the decision? I don't necessarily do any hardcore rock crawling but I do traverse trails where a...
  7. stioc

    FS in SoCal: 4 BFG AT KOs with only 7k on them, 235/85/16, perfect for trailers too

    I have 4 BFG AT KOs (E load, snowflake rated) with only 7k miles on them. I purchased them on 8/8/2013 from America's Tires for $720 out the door. The truck is always garaged when not on expeditions. The 235/85/16 size works out to be approx 32" so a perfect size for trailers with low rolling...
  8. stioc

    FS in SoCal: Set of 4 tires - BFG AT KO 235/85/16 (32"), less than 7k miles - $500

    FS in SoCal: Set of 4 tires - BFG AT KO 235/85/16 (32&quot;), less than 7k miles - $500 I've been really happy with these tires (compared to my previous Duratracs) but thinking about switching to MTs now. Only have 7k miles, snowflake rating, E load.
  9. stioc

    Any decent priced light weight winches out there? how about using a 6k winch?

    OK so I've been offroading for a few years now and have never needed a winch and probably won't in the future either. While the Warn 8ks are nice it'll just be a dead weight on my bumper 99.9% of the time. I'm thinking more along the lines of Engo and Superwinch type of winches but my next...
  10. stioc

    Inexpensive ARB IPF 968s got a new lease on life with the 35w HID conversion

    The last two pages of my build thread have more details on the whys and hows but wanted to post a couple of comparison pics here. The test was done by parking the truck on a dark dirt trail, first with the OEM low-beams (that have Philips XtremePower bulbs that made a very noticeable...
  11. stioc

    Basic ground tent options, thinking of returning REI base camp 6

    Ive been using a very basic 3 person Coleman dome tent from Walmart. It has far exceeded my expectations standing up to 40mph wind gust, sure the walls bent half way into the tent but the poles never broke, the rain fly stayed attached and no rips. I'd be perfectly ok with this tent if it...
  12. stioc

    Fun question: What other 4x4 would you replace your current Nissan with and why?

    Most of us love the trucks we own and wouldn't think of replacing them but if you had to make that choice what would it be and why? Personally I like my R50, it's been a rewarding and therapeutic experiment. The setup meets our needs and to share the build with the like minded community has...
  13. stioc

    Quick socal getaway near Blythe/Joshua Tree/Salton Sea

    This is a cross post from the CA section but since I recently read the thread about people not going on adventures and instead spending more time building trucks I figured what the heck I'll post it here too :) For our quick getaway this past weekend we ended up running Red Canyon Jeep Trail...
  14. stioc

    FS/FT: Trasharoo Junk Drawer, Trek-Armor rollbar grab handles, Hella, ARB inf - SoCal

    Here're a few things I have for sale. SOLD Trasharoo Overland Junk Drawer - brand new, $40. I can see this being a great traveling companion for those that have at least one seat open while traveling as it keeps things easily reachable and yet organized...
  15. stioc

    Phoneography to photography- wanting to step up from an iPhone 5 camera

    Hoping to get some advice. I'm not a photographer at all - I couldn't tell the aperture from ISO but I use my iPhone as a super convenient point and shoot all the time. My gf on the other hand enjoys taking pics, sets up the subject/scene, lighting etc so she's a step or two above me. Her choice...
  16. stioc

    How to secure the 5-gal water tank on the rear passenger footwell?

    I find that the best place to carry the 5gal Scepter water can is on the rear passenger footwell. It's low (CoG), has just enough room for the can laying flat and is just forward of the rear axle. However, I haven't yet figured out a way to secure it in case of a crash/rollover etc. Before I rip...
  17. stioc

    Winches - situations when do you gotta have one?

    Were you guys in situations where driving back, digging or using traction aids (maxtrax etc) wasn't an option and winching was the only way? I'm trying to play out the scenarios in my head to justify the added weight, poor approach angle, blocked air-flow and the cost (bumper+winch = $2k) but...
  18. stioc

    Our first trip to Moab from my 9yo's perspective

    After several months of planning we just completed our first trip to Moab with a friend and forum member lbrito. The day-by-day narrative below is taken from my 9yo's journal. I'll set the stage as far as our overall plan, I'll include some pictures and let my 9yo do the talking :) The...
  19. stioc

    FS: 15" MacBook Pro in SoCal - $600

    Selling my late 2008 MacBook Pro 15". 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM 250GB Hard Drive Excellent working condition, screen is flawless - no dead pixles etc. The body has a few minor scratches but not very noticeable. I was running Lion 10.7 on it but due to licensing etc I've restored it back to...
  20. stioc

    Brake pad upgrade recommendation for max stopping power

    My so-so OEM brakes (everyone keeps telling me it's a truck, as-if trucks don't have to brake lol) got worse as armor and things went on the truck so not long ago I upgraded to the EBC Green 7000 series pads which improved the braking over stock but with the 32" e-load tires I'm back looking for...