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    86 Land Rover Defender 110 shop truck project

    Looks great both as a pick-up, and the top on although I like the pick-up mode better! Very nice either way!
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    Toyota Guy Considering Land Rovers...

    Hey JS, I have an 04 DII; I'd suggest it but you'd get about the same mpg as your 4runner. My 04 DII when it was stock got 12 City/16 Hwy mpg. Now I am getting worst mpg w/larger tires, roof rack, etc.... That's ok since I only drive it to take the family camping, and have a Subaru as my...
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    Wanted: Discovery 2 roof rack, other expedition parts as well

    Check out BajaRack: Should be able to pick it up in San Diego
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    Front Disco 2 winch bumper $578 !!!!!!!!!!

    Time to ship a pallet full to NCLR (smile). Very nice!
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    Possible Jeep to Disco convert...need some input from the experts!

    Looks like the seller took care of the major issues: head gaskets done (ask for all the maint record and receipts), and annoying issues like the ABS done (maybe related to the three amigos which you will soon learn more), and preventive maint like replacing the front drive shaft w/after market...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    I'd say you're a lucky lil kid w/your dad taking you on such trip(s) to Baja @ a young age with or w/o the nude hippies (smile). Suppose progress is slow if in the late 60s road was paved up to San Felipe only, and (on this trip) it took 50+ years to pave the road passed San Felipe to...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    jh, that was one of my wife's initial concerns; so I got a kitchen pass to go solo w/my LR club buddies this time. Got back safely; crossed the border, didn't stay in large cities e.g. Mexicali and went straight to our destination. Sky didn't fall and she was jealous w/all the great stories...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Paved and easy drive from the Mexicali border to San Felipe; from San Felipe to Puertecitos some dips on the road but paved. A few miles after Puertecitos, unpaved and rough but doable. Are you planning a trip?
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Gracias! Hey, join us next time.
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    San Francisco to Baja Mexico Gonzaga Bay Small group of us from just got back from Baja Mexico Gonzaga Bay. Beautiful place, and awesome fish tacos!
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    Group of Landies in Death Valley

    Like Disco2guy, that was us; I hope your trip went well as well as ours; here are some random pictures from group photo @ Lippincott pass, Titus Canyon...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    ¿quieres ir (thanks to Google Translate - smile) or want to go? PM sent.
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Nice photos Ted. Yup, would have been 4 CTs but 3 were plenty eye candies to look at. Wow, tire blowout - missed the excitement after leaving Ballarat. Baja Mexico is next. Dan, hope your arm is better and avail. Rupert needs a co-pilot. Don't worry about fuel cost he said - just be our...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Death Valley April 2013 Just got back this week from a trip to Death Valley w/the Northern California Land Rover Club. Great weather, company and time from Titus Canyon to Lippincott Trail and all over the valley for 5 days (some stayed longer)!
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    XOOM tablet based carputer project (work in progress)

    Nice work. Have you decided on which navigational (for off-road) app you're going to use? My Xoom is wifi-only. Ideally (my wish list) like to intergrate an external GPS antenna for improved reception/Xoom/APRS Ham on mine.
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    Postponed.... The sequel to the Maya Rally 2012 -> The 2013 Alaska Rally!

    If next year or perhaps another one setup for next year, I'd be interested. Understand June maybe the best time to go - is that right?
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    Help with Purchase 1993 Classic LWB

    Excellent choice. Looks like you are just going to use this for hunting/cammping, hope you keep it stock/original; far and few of these classics left. I call mine (91 RRC) poorman's Defender (smile). Love it. Check-out Ranger Rover Dot Net; lots of good details in the Ownerships section e.g...
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    200 Tdi Cold Weather Issue or Something More Sinister?

    Spoiled here in California - now I won't complain if our temp drops to 40F. Wow -4F in Maine. That's cold. Anyways gm13, when was the last time you flushed the coolant and do you use 50/50 mix or 70/30 during the winter? And do you use synthentic diesel motor oil during the winter?
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    Stuff to see along the Sea of Cortez

    Looks like excellent family time together; thanks for sharing! One of these days, will make it down to San Felipe and further; how was the re-fuel stop experience, and where did you re-fuel passed the border/enroute to San Felipe? Thanks!
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    Extreme Cold Weather Subaru Love

    Ditto on using synthetic engine oil especially in cold weather for start-ups. I think you can go with 5w30 synthetic on your Outback; I like Mobil 1 brand. Here's a good saturday night "staying at home" read re: Motor Oil 101 (jump to chapter 3 comparing regular engine oil vs Synthetic)...