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  1. psychosquirrel

    67 LR 109

    Been a little bit since I've posted up a build thread: Plan is to do a driving resto mod on this old girl and enjoy using it as much as possible doing the things we enjoy most. 67 Australian import RHD Pretty much untouched and solid, little bit of surface rust on door hinges and interior...
  2. psychosquirrel

    1958 utility box expo candidate. Seattle.

    So what we have here is a great opportunity for someone with the right skills. Restoration and modification pending this can be a great expedition trailer. Great storage and roof top tent carrying capability pending. My plans for it were similar to my Apache with stout frame and independent...
  3. psychosquirrel

    JKU in floor OBA and cargo floor project

    Just started on a project I've been wanting to do for a long time. Built in OBA contained in a drop in box that will be replacing the factory cubby hole. At the same time I am reconfiguring my rear storage. For years I have been running this setup for storage in addition to a half size lift...
  4. psychosquirrel

    New/old trailer build 1966 Apache Raven tent trailer

    New member here and figured I would post up my trailer build. Building it to make extended camping trips more comfortable, IE: more gear and getting off the ground. The trailer is a 66 Apache Raven I picked up a couple weeks ago from a seller on Craigslist. The day we picked it up The...