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    1986 GMC S-15

    I had two s10 first gen, a blazer 1st gen an s-10 second gen(extreme) à Colorado z71 first gen.. Id get an s10 again in a heartbeat!
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    1986 GMC S-15

    I’m in Ottawa, Id pay a lot to find a gem like that truck here.. well it would be near impossible. amazing truck and build!
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    Ford Transit Cab Chassis with Composite Camper

    same for us in the van.. -35C, 18C inside.. maxxair at 30% and a cracked window.. lots of lost heat but barely any condensation.
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    Jeepagon 3.0

    Geez those XJ are all rusted to death around here. Awesome project!
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    Four Wheel Camper ‘Project M’

    I was told the tailgate delete option would not be available
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    My 550 build The "Ford Escape"

    Very nice! I remember the first trip after the build it was soooo good! Ahah congrats!
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    Anyone know about Port-Lite campers

    Seems really nice, it will be nice to see a review of a real unit
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    The SilverFox FWC on '12 Ecoboost F150

    How is the eco boost on fuel when carrying the camper around?
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Hey guys, Our van is up for sale. We are asking 15500 CAD about 11470 US. I could deliver if ever... Here is the ad.
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    Custom overland camper from 5 tons

    Manys semi’s have air suspension you could probably find a full air suspension in a semi salvage yard
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    Build - Fiberglass & Foam Truck Camper

    That’s what we also do. For the heater you should love it ! In our van we used it this winter in -27C and brought the van up to 26C on high.
  12. J

    Four Wheel Camper ‘Project M’

    With a flatbed! 🤯. I’m sure it’s coming
  13. J

    Four Wheel Camper ‘Project M’

    I’ve seen the same pictures and was wondering if this is going to compete in the wedge camper market. I’d be interested in this or a wedge type camper if it had a back door and tailgate delete option.
  14. J

    Hardside camper on truck bed trailer

    Also truck campers are very limited in f’oorspace And expensive. You can definitely find a cheaper trailer that will be better than this setup. Although less unique of course
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    PTO uses for travel

    I thought the earthromer HD had a generator on the PTO? Compressor could be belt driven, maybe a hydraulic pump if you had a super heavy duty winch, I think the only thing I’d consider is a genset that also welds. But you’re also locating fragile equipment under the truck...
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    Build - Fiberglass & Foam Truck Camper

    this is taking shape quickly. great work :)
  17. J

    5500 campers real life experience

    When did you switch truck? I like the new platform your camper sits on, still my favorite build and inspiration so far for when we replace our van.
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    New Camper Hauler

    Oh I would have thought the opposite maybe because the Cummins isn’t having any issue moving the truck at this weight and you drive at lower RPM ? Can’t wait to see your build progress
  19. J

    Build - Fiberglass & Foam Truck Camper

    Great work! The interior should be super fast to build. :)
  20. J

    Matt's DIY Hard-Side Truck Camper Build

    Very interesting please keep posting :) aha