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  1. IncorpoRatedX

    '98 Gen 2.5 Winter Package: Animal

    That red and the blue toasty has are two of my favorite montero colors. Great score!
  2. IncorpoRatedX

    Gen 2 Reverse LEDs / Cheap & Easy

    Nice little upgrade, I run the same lights, these little cheapo 20-35watt chinese LED's are plenty good additions to the stock lighting of these trucks, easy to install and no additional voltage draw with much higher Luminous efficacy. I run 30 watt flush mounts in the rear bumper like you have...
  3. IncorpoRatedX

    Some Project Rigs...

    Good lookin' rigs, worth repeating.
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    Swapping a 3.5 into a 94 LS Montero with 5 speed

    oops, my bad, I have a 24v, I typo'd that, had 12v 3 liters on my mind. I've got the entire harness and ECU as well. Was gonna stab it into my Gen 1 but went with the turbo diesel. It's the engine I offered to you not long ago for your Gen 1. The oil pump needs to be swapped to the dohc (got one...
  5. IncorpoRatedX

    Swapping a 3.5 into a 94 LS Montero with 5 speed

    The suggestion I made was to look into a resto-mod, assuming working space is available, fair downtime expected and significant R&D was done prior to start; It could be a really good chance to do maintence and get upgrades. However, the cross-over data between the 6G engines is minimal, and...
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    Alternator woes on a 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Limited

    I second the denso units.
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    Arb front bumper 3rd gen

    Jamie Poulos just got one from us, comes with the mounting kit, seems to have gone on pretty easy for him. I just went to facebook to grab some photos but I can't find them. Marco has one on his rig, it's in the photos here...
  8. IncorpoRatedX

    Got a Gen 1 LWB, what now?

    I've run this one, it's sohc 24v and i think i've got most everything to make it swap in, I need space but i dont want to scrap it, been hoping someone would need or want it.
  9. IncorpoRatedX

    Got a Gen 1 LWB, what now?

    I've got that 94 6g72 24v long block, you're welcome to it. Actually it's the whole engine, wiring harness and ecu, you can have all of it or just the engine.
  10. IncorpoRatedX

    Toasty's Garage

    hey toast, Seems like another little Y made of tube would made a nice tandem axle stand judging from that last photo. on the exhaust thing... Mad hatter does great exhaust work in my opinion, kevin's had work done there and might have an opinion too. If you pay cash and be cool, sometimes...
  11. IncorpoRatedX

    Roaming Lost: Montero Gen2.5 Build

    Chill homie, I believe he's got plenty planned. Looking forward to this, your photography is amazing.
  12. IncorpoRatedX

    Goldi-Locker and the Three Diamonds - 3 days prep, 1 week on the road, 1500 miles, 2 brothers.

    Thank you guys, it means a lot to me that this is even read by anyone, considering the length and not-4wd content involved. I appreciate the kind words.
  13. IncorpoRatedX

    Suspension Question (KYB Gas-A-Just)

    We do infact sell Gen 3 bushings... sometimes we have them, sometimes we are sold out. Whenever they're in stock they seem to sell out within a month.
  14. IncorpoRatedX

    Sway Away vs Old Man Emu Torsion Bars

    The ride is more impacted by the shock choice, the primary reason we carry them in the hardcore kit is we've found they're able to withstand more suspension cycling and hold more weight. They're not needed for most people, we sell 10 of the OME set-ups for ever 1 of the rock crawler kits. Even...
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    Sway Away vs Old Man Emu Torsion Bars

    They are sway-away. I'm curious how it would go if you try to order from them, they've told us twice that they'll only sell mitsu bars to us. They hold up great and they're American made, we run them in our rock crawler kits.
  16. IncorpoRatedX

    Buying help! 2000 Montero 95,000 miles

    Welcome Lee, at 95k it's very young in terms of a montero. Most of them on here have near 250,000 miles these days. At 95k, service should have been done, if the owner has no record or the records indicate anything other than a mitsubishi timing belt tensioner (hydraulic tensioner) was used...
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    Montero Gen 2 Spark Plug Change - 3.5L V6

    Welcome to the forum Dave, it was nice talking to you earlier this week, glad to see you made it here and the ADD forum. This escalated quickly! I will say the plenum can stay on, but everything else around it has to come off, on the quad cam you can snake the plugs out without removing the...
  18. IncorpoRatedX

    Goldi-Locker and the Three Diamonds - 3 days prep, 1 week on the road, 1500 miles, 2 brothers.

    Thank you guys for the kind words. Nick, I'm still digging out of back-logged work and will be for a couple of weeks, but I'm down for some yakkin'! I'll hit you up. John, this reply means a lot to me, it brought a tear to my eye reading it. I apprecaite your kind words and sentiment. I'm...
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    Gen 3 boiling gas??

    Also seen it happen, happed on the after-mod trail with Carlos last year. I think there's a purge solenoid or evap solenoid that can be related to it, but I'm just speaking from a fuzzy memory and second hand overhearing the conversation. it's not boiling, just a pressure thing.
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    Judging interest for group buy 4D56T (Hyundai D4BF)

    depends on if the engine failure put any debri into the oil pump. If it did, you'll be replacing the turbo a short while after the installation. When trying to re-use engine parts, you wont know much until you get the old engine apart. that engine is also missing the oil cooler and oil filter...