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  1. xjaugie

    Computer monitor

    First let me say, I'm asking this question here and not on a photo guy site because, we all shoot basically the same style of photos and I think the answer will be more real life and not mico over analized as to which is better one over the other. Basically, I need to get a computer monitor...
  2. xjaugie

    Time for a Steering rack

    So, I think I have found out why my power steering pumps on my 95 Tacoma begin to whine shortly after install....Looks like the sterring rack maybe in need of replacement. I was under the truck yesterday and noticed the pass. side steering boot was ripped and things seem to be going dry inside...
  3. xjaugie

    Who needs photographer for this rally?

    My mind got to wandering here at the office today and I have begun to think I should pack up the camera in the old Toyota and trek on down to photograph the event. In the past I have photographed and written articles for Low Range Magazine and JP magazine on rock crawing and club trail events...
  4. xjaugie

    1st gen tacoma 2nd battery location ?

    I'm looking to install a second battery and was wondering where others have stuck theirs? Thanks,
  5. xjaugie

    Goodyear DuraTrac long term review

    I've very happy with how my DuraTracs have performed over the last 25,000 miles and thought I would do a blog on them. Instead of rewiting it I thought I just would post a link to it.
  6. xjaugie

    200,000 miles !

    Monumental day today while driving home from a turkey hunt, the 95 Tacoma turned over for the second time. 200,000 miles and still going strong.
  7. xjaugie

    Brake Master Cylinder which one?

    OK, so I get the dumb a## move of the week. The power stering pump was low and I went to add Lucus power steering stop leak into the PS pump....but...the cute new girlfriend and I were talking and not paying attention (at least to the right thing) I put the thik goo into the master cylinder and...
  8. xjaugie

    TRD or clean slate

    :coffeedrink: Since I'm moving really close to work, like 2 miles, I no longer need the commuter passat. Problem is I'm upside down in the payments and I got to thinking if I traded it in on a new tacoma and sold the 95 tacoma, I could go down to one vehicle and build a new truck. Really...
  9. xjaugie

    New wheels or spacers?

    So, I tried to install a set of Tundra calibers and rotors on my 1st gen tacoma and it did not go well. I attempted to grind down enough of the caliper body to make them fit and it worked for about a month then brake fluid began to seep out of the caliper. Metal just too thin. (dumb move i...
  10. xjaugie

    The Tacoma that took me from Maryland to Alaska (and back) Spent some time workig on the truck page of my blog yesterday. Still got some work but this is what I got so far.
  11. xjaugie

    Little local photo trip

    Last weekend, we went to a small town on Maryland's Eastern shore to photograph the wintering waterfowl. During the winter months between the more grand adventures it is fun to take these little get-a-ways. You guys out west got it a little easier to get to some really cool places that take...
  12. xjaugie

    Need another PS Pump?

    While on a hunting trip last month the power steering pump began that wondrful whine I love so much. I added some lucas PS fluid. It tampered the sound but did not stop it. I ordered a new pump but have not put it on yet. It was then that I realized, I had replaced the pump exactly one year...
  13. xjaugie

    Maryland to Alaska - Running solo and wandering the back roads

    April 19,2012 The Alaska Journey begins The possible quotes and cliché sayings to open this blog fill my mind. We’ve all heard them, but do we really hear and take action. Well, thanks to a few close friends I’ve mustarded the strength to take this crazy journey. At 2:53 PM on Thursday...
  14. xjaugie

    Maryland to Alaska - the journey begins

    April 19,2012 The Alaska Journey begins At 2:53 PM on Thursday April 19, 2012 I left Westminster, MD and began the 3,500 mile trek across the country. Yes, at the age of 45, I quit my professional career, loaded my 17 year old pickup truck full of camping gear, kayak and clothes, and am off...
  15. xjaugie

    Daily Driver

    For over twenty years I have driven a company truck for the daily comute. However that has all changed and now I'm putting 95 miles a day on my 95 Tacoma with 165,000 miles that I purchased this summer as the play truck. I'm thinking of getting another car/truck to run around in but not sold...
  16. xjaugie

    Tacoma power steering pump

    This weekend while out running around, I noticed that the pump is beginning to whine like a jeep power steering pump and at times it feels like it the steering gets a little stiff. At 171,000 miles I guess it is time for another power steering pump? What has been everyone's experience with the...
  17. xjaugie

    Storage container

    I am looking into getting a few of these, would anyone else be interested in getting one or two? They measure 15" x 14" x 10"
  18. xjaugie

    deep water and starter

    Last week i was exploring the Outer Banks of North Carolina and after a few little deep water crossings the truck began to experience some starting problems. It appeared as the starter was hanging up, and some times took a few turns of the key the turn. Yesterday I spayed it real good with...
  19. xjaugie

    OME suspension going on, but what else?

    So if all goes well, I will be installing the OME suspension on the 1st gen Tacoma this weekend, but I was thinking with the age and 163,000 miles on the all orginal truck, that maybe I should replace some of the other parts on the frontend while it is apart. From all of your all's experiences...