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  1. old_CWO

    Trailer Axle

    I have available a used trailer axle that would be a great upgrade for someone using a Harbor Freight trailer as a base. This axle was pulled from a 1946 civilian Jeep trailer and is in very good condition. It's 1.5" solid square bar (not tube), 46.5" spring center and 59.5" hub face. It has...
  2. old_CWO

    Treadwright Remolded Tires

    Does anyone have feedback regarding those newer Treadwright bead to bead remold tires for expo type trailer service? I have read generally positive reviews for treadwright tires over the years on trucks and Jeeps but nothing on "our" type of trailers. My guess is that they would be more than...
  3. old_CWO

    Help Identifying Vintage Jeep Trailer

    Hello, I just purchased a very nice vintage 1/4 ton civilian trailer but it's provenance is a mystery to me. The title shows it as a 1946 with a manufacturer of "Kron" which I believe is shortened from something else. It has M100/Bantam style fenders, a square t ube axle and I believe the...