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    Savana/ Express zéro offset swivel seats?

    Hi, Does anybody know if it is possible to have zero offset swivel seats in a gm van? I have discount truck direct swivel seat bases. They were cheap and they swivel, other than that they are garbage. Very hard to swivel and about 5” offset from original position which makes for not so...
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    GMC Savana 2002 and older, adding cruise control

    Hey! Has anybody added cruise control to a pre 2002 GM van? I have a 2001, the throttle is still a cable, I can see the mounts on the engine for the additional cable for the cruise control unit, but I can’t seem to figure out where it should be mounted. I picked I believe all the parts at a...
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    Frame mounted storage ideas.

    Hey, I am curious to see if anybody has used the space between the frame and the rockers on their van to mount and store ''stuff''. there seems to be quite a bit of wasted space in that area on both sides of the van. I plan on putting the air compressor and tank under in that area but not...
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    2001 Savana Hightop, slow build

    Hey Guys, ive been a long time lurker with very few posts. About a month ago we finally put our hands on a van. I really wanted to get a sprinterr but couldnt get my head around the hefty price of one in good shape. So one day i stumbled upon this 2001 Savana hightop, it used to be a...