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  1. loonwheeler

    Replacement GC2 Battery Selection

    In our expedition camper, it is long overdue to replace our house battery bank for 4X GC2 batteries. I am looking to replace them with a high quality battery that will be reliable over the next 5 years or so. I don't need a "forever" battery and am not willing to pay extra $$ just to have a...
  2. loonwheeler

    24V Charge Controller & Battery Monitor Options

    In the planning stages of adding solar to my 24V house battery system. Plan is for ~400W of solar and need some advice on options for charge controller & battery monitor options. In addition, I would also like to add the ability to monitor on board tank levels such as diesel fuel, fresh water...
  3. loonwheeler

    Leveling Block Size for Larger Tires

    I am in the process of creating my own leveling blocks for my U1300L camper with Michelin XZL 365 80/R20 tires fitted. Does anyone have experience with leveling blocks for this size vehicle and tires? If so, what size (L X W) do you recommend based on your experience? I have purchased some 3/4"...
  4. loonwheeler

    24V System - One 12V Battery Failing - Damage to Good Battery?

    My Unimog is an ex-miltary truck and runs as 24V system. Currently I have 2X 12V Group 24M hybrid deep cell marine batteries wired in series for the starting duties. Since my truck is also a camper - I also have a dual battery setup that connects the starting batteries with the house batteries...