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    Kootenay's Pro4X Frontier

    Love the photos and nice Frontier! You should check out my BC Forest Fire Lookout group at Lots of trips to plan!
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    New 2014 Xterra Owner- Icedragonmx's trip reports

    You have to love Moly! Where was that trip on the way home? Looks interesting!
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    Fires, Tires, 'n Bears Eh? Ooh YeyyaahhH!!- Trip Report

    Great trip report... of course I enjoyed the BC stuff the most as it is all in my backyard! Man, I love living in the BC interior....
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    Honeydew the FrankenWag - 1971 Jeep Wagoneer Expo Build

    I am in love...well done!
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    Fire extinguishers
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    Fire extinguishers

    I keep a couple of the tactical Cold Fire cans instead of 5lb fire extinguishers. They are small, a little larger than a spray can and honestly work better than regular halon fire extinguishers. During testing, you could actually touch where the fire had been within a minute. It takes the hot of...
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    Budget TJ build

    I think it is a good price, especially if you can do the work yourself. Look forward to seeing your progress.
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    "Vasi" 1988 MJ with "wildernest" The build begins!

    Love the colour!
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    Gear platform for TJ

    You cannot really see mine. I cut it from a piece of 5/8 plywood that I had lying around. It just sits on top of the wheel wells. Simaler to Rubicon4URE. I ran it for a year, but did not cover it because I wanted to make a few slight changes to it. I really like how Rubicon4URE has end pieces on...
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    2006 Rubicon Build After the Fact. Tons of pictures

    Really nice rig... Looking forward to more updates.
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    packing a Jeep for adventures

    Interesting...I never thought about using the bags. I have some spare dry bags...maybe I will stuff the sleeping bag and pillow in there. Kudus to you for downsizing... I am a minimilist... my ex is a maximust... It should be easier to pack this year!
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    Southern Interior of British Columbia

    Great photos...thanks for sharing! Next time you are up in the Kamloops area again and want to see some of our hidden gems, let me know! We can head out together or I can give you directions to some neat places in our area.
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    Random Scenic Shots

    Thanks. I agree with the overprocessing. Have been playing more with ProCamera app, which allows you to adjust exposure etc before you take the photo.
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    Random Scenic Shots

    Just a few Iphone photos with my 4S. With a few apps, the Iphone takes decent enough photos that I hardly pack my big camera and lenses with me on the hikes or wheeling. Not as good as some of you guys, but it works good for my personal use.
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    Weathertech floor liners?

    Highly Highly recommended! I have them on my TJ and the fit is much better than the Husky ones in my Grand.
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    Exploring Cascade Mointains, Whipsaw Trail, Beautiful BC

    Great shots! I have not been on the Whipsaw in years! Towing a trailer through the snow must have been fun!
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    Jeep pickup conversion kit now available $5500

    I still like the AEV Brute better...It looks better...there is just something about it. Like Jeff said, the window is ugly.
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    Man told his all-terrain wheelchair looks too much like a tank

    I dunno...the things is massive! It is 42" wide and most side walks are 36" or less. I agree with rights of the physicly handicapped, but does he really need a machine that is 6" wider than the sidewalk? Would you like to see this going across the grass at the local park? I imagine the tracks...
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    Most Awesome 4x4 Van Ever is for sale!

    Not mine: Dodge body, Ford engine, tracks, raised roof...could you ask for more?
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    Random Scenic Shots

    Great shot Marc