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    Anyone build their own van high top?

    Looking for some diy van high top ideas and how they have held up over time. I've seen some made out of wood, steel, aluminum... my van was purchased very cheap and has been sort of a trial for our family. I would love to be able to stand in this van but don't want to put out the cash for...
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    First Van... ready to do more?

    Our family wanted to find and build out a Ford Van as an adventure vehicle. A Subaru gets real small with kids and the F250 gets real full of tools when you have to pay for those kids. We ended up finding a 2000 Dodge 3500 Van with only 27,000 miles on it at a church near my in laws. Not the Van...
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    Surfboards inside the van?

    Looking around for some ideas on storing boards inside the van. I have searched around a bit but haven't found too many posts on board storage. I have racks which work but on daily surfs I usually just throw my boards in the back, on top of my bed platform. It would be nice to hang them or maybe...
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    First time on Expo - Rear locker for Dodge Ram Van

    My family just purchased a 2000 Dodge Ram Van 3500 15 passenger from a church. We picked it up super cheap from a neighboring church with only 25,000 miles. It's long and funny looking but I can fit a lot of surfboards and people in it:) I want to make it a family camper but the thing feels like...