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    Lack of 70 series Land Cruisers.

    I always enjoy these conversations about all the tough trucks we can't easily get here in the US. I've been driving Land Cruisers since I bought my FJ60 in 1987. My experience is that our Land Cruisers are plenty tough and long lasting for what most of us use them for. Both my FJ60 and 100...
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    200 Series questions-~Touareg tdi

    The biggest issue with the Toureg is still the reliability of its electronic accessories. A good friend is a VW/Audi nut. He has had many Toureg's, including the monster V10 TDI. Currently drives a new TDI. Almost all have had significant issues with electronics. His first one was replaced...
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    Spotted this senior citizen today

    Either that or it's a backup in case something breaks back there. That's a beautiful rig. I had a 107" Series 1 for a while then sold it for a good profit. I still miss that beast.
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    2nd or 3rd Gen 4Runner

    I too had a 4Runner, when I was living in Homer. Bought mine new in '94 at Nye in Anchorage. Still love it, although I usually drive my 98 Land Cruiser now that I have kids and more dogs. I have never had any issues with the truck since new, although I did need to change the head gasket (no...
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    Anyone considering building a GX460?

    I see these heavily modified all over Iceland. Called a Land Cruiser Prado over there. Take a look
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    The Re-designed 2014 Range Rover Sport

    Ooooo - find me a solid 2006 RR for $8k and I'll take it. None to be had.
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    The Re-designed 2014 Range Rover Sport

    Ghastly? I saw a 2012 sitting next to the new RR at a dealer. Other than headlights, tail lights, and a little bit of detail they don't look much different from each other. That being said, I do like the new one quite a lot. Same with the new Sport. Wouldn't have ever considered one of the...
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    Land Cruiser converts, please weigh in on your post-conversion thoughts

    I've had both, and still drive my original LC 100 today (among others). G-Wagens are great vehicles but I believe they have their niche. I would jump into my 273k mile 100 tomorrow and drive to Alaska. Not a second thought. I would never have done that with the G-Wagen. If something breaks...
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    The Re-designed 2014 Range Rover Sport

    Finally - a Range Rover Sport I would actually buy as a daily driver. Who would actually drive one off road anyway?
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    Which wheel and tire set: Vote!

    Option 3 with BFG ATs would get my vote. I seem to alternate between ATs and MTs on my 94 4Runner. Love them both, although the MTs get a little squirrelly at freeway speeds in snow.
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    Accidentally bought a Discovery...

    Funny - I've been through a lot of these windshields as well. In my case, the first one was to be replaced due to leaks. It took multiple tries for the installer to get the installation right. 'Ouch' said Land Rover, as they were all under warranty. And yes, they have to break them to get...
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    Accidentally bought a Discovery...

    The heated windshield does more than that - it clears the windshield of frost and ice in no time. It's one of the best options I have ever seen on a vehicle. Love it! Be very careful with the windshield replacement - in my experience it is tough to get the replacement sealed right. When the...
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    Help with Purchase 1993 Classic LWB

    Hi Bri - yes, the Hunter had to go at 30k. It seemed like the perfect vehicle - cloth seats, no options, manual 4 speed transmission. Let's see, where do I start - rear main seal leak on engine at 3k. Fixed under warranty. Manual transmission would drop out of third gear unless you held the...
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    Help with Purchase 1993 Classic LWB

    Major assemblies? How about transmissions, T-cases, and engines? These seem major to me and all have been issues with both my 2000 Disco and lots of other folks I know. I make sure all of my vehicles are maintained at the highest level, by a good LR dealer and an LR specialty shop, regardless...
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    Help with Purchase 1993 Classic LWB

    Sounds like your luck has been better than mine with Land Rover products. I love them (I also love my Land Cruiser) but haven't been well treated long term. That being said, I know how to rebuild most of the parts in a Series vehicle, weld frames, etc which I never would have learned without...
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    Need help making a decision on a LR purchase.

    If this is to be a daily driver I would keep looking. If you must have a Land Rover, go with an LR3. Much more reliable in most people's experience. If you need room for 7-8, you could also look at an early 2000's Land Cruiser with the 3rd row seat.
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    Help with Purchase 1993 Classic LWB

    I own both Toyotas and Land Rovers. My first car was a Land Rover 1967 Series 2 Wagon with a sliding safari top, which my dad bought new the year I was born. Great vehicle but definitely one that taught you how to fix things in the middle of a mud road with mosquitos biting your face. My 91...
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    4Runner vs Land Cruiser

    Bad thing about the F150 - unless you live in the desert, that thing will rust like crazy, even if only a year old. My LC 100 has survived 15 years of salt from Minnesota, Alaska, and Ohio. No rust.
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    4Runner vs Land Cruiser

    Hate to say it, but if all you need the car for is snowboarding I would dump the idea of a 4x4 all together and get a older Volvo XC70 or Subaru Outback. Just sayin - the LC, 4Runner, or Tacoma is more vehicle than you need for that requirement.