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    Time to get serious with my 3.15 gear swap

    About a year ago I bought the 3.15 transfer case gear set from Josh at ADD. Things got busy, I figured getting out the TC would be tough, but at least I'd have the parts. Time to get serious. The more I look, the tougher this looks. This forum has one decent swap post from something like 6...
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    Coolant flow direction

    I am installing an electric radiator fan on my gen 2.5. I'm supposed to put the thermostat on the cold side tank. I think that is the bottom side, but wanted to confirm if any of you know. Thanks,
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    Gen 2 Rear Liftgate Internal Latch Part

    Does anyone know the part number for the rear liftgate internal part which breaks, such that the the door can only be opened from the inside. I know it has been posted here someplace, but I'm striking out finding it. Could it be part number MB669381? I have had it go on another of my Monteros...
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    Trail Rocker

    I've been needing to do some auxiliary wiring on my Gen 2.5 for some time now. Finally got around to doing the job using a Painless Performance Universal Trail Rocker. Overall, I'd say the job turned out OK, not great. I thought I'd provide a brief update in case it proves useful for anyone...
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    Painless Performance Trail Rocker

    Guys, I need to do some wiring on my gen 2.5 for auxiliary lights (front and rear), air compressor, eventually a fridge. I'd like to do the job right with an auxiliary fuse panel and relays. Painless Performance makes a cool gadget called the Trail Rocker that is an aux fuse panel and relays...
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    Front Differential Installation

    Guys, I am trying to install a 4.9 diff into my gen 2.5 to replace the existing 4.27. The old one came out largely with the thud method as it fell the last foot with the help of a pry-bar. On the way out the rear mount cross bar came out with the diff still attached to it. The driver side...
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    Differential Side Bearings

    I am installing an ARB RD154 into a 4.90 third member from a Sport, for installation into my gen 2.5. While I generally like to stay away from messing with anything ring and pinion, this might just be a DIY job as I'm not messing with the pinion gear, re-using the same ring gear., and I have a...
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    Emergency Brake Warning Light

    I now have this warning light on permanently on both of my gen 2.5's. I think this must be from a sensor on the e-brake system. Brakes are not hanging at all. Does anybody know where this sensor is located? Thanks,
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    Gen 2.5 Left Side Short Driveshaft

    Finding a Montero with the winter package is not at all easy here in the southeastern US. I'm trying to get 4.67 gear set and factory locker into my kid's 2000 Montero. I have compiled all the parts with the exception of the short driver-side shaft. I mistakenly thought the short shaft from...
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    Wimpy Cold Start

    My gen 2.5 has a wimpy cold start. Spins over fine (good battery and starter), and tries to fire right up but is a bit slow to get going. Often I have to turn the key back and start it again to have her fire up. Once warm (like even after two minutes of running) she fires right up. I've...
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    Left side front half shaft

    Guys, What is the most expedient trailside repair method for removing and replacing the left side front half shaft. I've only replaced mine (Gen 2.5) once and it was in my shop with everything on the front end apart. What is the bare minimum trailside fix, and best practice, so to speak? Do...
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    Intake Plenum Gasket

    Just finished putting my gen 2.5 back together after replacing valve stem seals, lash adjusters and timing belt. Given all that could go wrong (like valve keeper falling into the sump) things worked out great, except I discovered a small coolant leak in the J-shaped coolant transfer pipe. The...
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    Timing Assembly and Rockers

    Montero Gurus, This is kind of a silly question, but given the option with a vehicle that has the timing assembly off and the rockers off, would you install the rockers back on first and then the timing assembly, or the timing assembly first and then the rockers? This could be one of those...
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    Aisin Water Pump / Timing Belt Kit - Am I losing my mind?

    Guys, Went to install the new water pump part of my timing belt kit (Aisin TKM 005) for my 2000 gen 2.5 and it does not fit. Should be the right part per Rock Auto where I ordered it. Should be the right kit per Aisin's website too. Both say TKM 005. The instructions in the kit say the kit...
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    Valve Stem Seal Color

    Anybody know which color valve stem seal goes on exhaust side vs. intake? I ordered a full engine gasket set and as could be expected none of the individual gaskets has a part number. I could have sworn this topic has been covered before but I cannot locate. My new ones are either greenish or...
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    Crank Gear Puller

    Could be an off chance someone might find this crank gear puller idea useful. Maybe already suggested by others. Shopping list: 2ea. 5/16" x 2.5" grade 8 bolts with nuts heads ground down to about 1/16" inch. 1ea. 14MM x 1.25 bolt long as I could find, which could have been longer 1ea. nut...
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    Intake Plenum Might as Well's and Crank Gear

    Guys, Time to re-do timing assembly and valve stem seals on one of my Montero's. I have a few related questions I do not see addressed (via search) on this site. Probably in 4x4 wire but searching that is a last resort. That interface is awful. Here goes: 1. Generally like to stick to the...
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    Wheel Stud Replacement

    Need to change a broken rear wheel studs on my Montero. Anybody know if these can be removed without separating the axle and backing plate from the housing? I'm sure the emergency brake shoes might need to be moved over. Just wondering how big a pain it is to fit the new stud in there, so I'm...
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    ARB Air Locker

    I am considering the purchase of a rear ARB Air Locker and installation of a 4.90 gear set in a 2000 Montero, which does not have a factory locker. I think there must be some sort of difference in the third member gear carrier width between an air locker equipped vehicle and w/o. I can only...
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    Front Differential Removal

    Hey Folks, I need to get the front diff out of a parts car, a 96 Montero SR. I understand I should just take the entire carrier assembly. I am not sure if I need to remove the half shafts first, or can I "drop" the center assembly and release the splined half shafts out of the carrier that...