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  1. preacherman

    M416 custom in West Texas

    The time has unfortunately come for me to sell the custom m416 I built. This trailer has served us well all over the American west but with my son about to turn 16, we now need to free up funds to buy him a 4x4 of his own. Detail : M416 with custom frame and box Jeep TJ Shocks with original...
  2. preacherman

    Yaesu FT7900r help!

    I am hoping someone with this radio can help me out. I have one mounted in my truck and recently programmed it with a few local channels. Since the program, I cannot use the mic keys for direct entry to a frq. Everything else about the radio seems to be working. At first I thought it was a mic...
  3. preacherman

    Land Rover waterproof rear seat covers

    These where included when I bought my 1997 Discovery XD and I never mounted them. I sold the truck last year and found these left over in the garage. They are Land Rover brand rear waterproof seat covers (tan). They appear to be in great shape and have all pieces. $90 + $10 for shipping.
  4. preacherman

    Land Rover Discovery workshop Manual 1995-1998

    I sold my Rover and still have a almost new factory workshop manual for 1995-1998 Land Rover discovery. Like new, great shape. I would like $75 shipped. I accept PayPal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. preacherman

    1996 Land Rover Discovery XD Eco-challenge low mileage

    Well I really hate to do this but, I am putting my Land Rover up for sale. I am selling it because I am taking a job as a Executive Director of a non-profit 501c3 and will be both taking a pay cut and will have to travel a lot by vehicle. Neither one of these bode well for me keeping this Land...
  6. preacherman

    Urgent help with crazy problem!!

    I have been pulling my hair out trying to find a random, weird slight overheating issue. I have replaced the entire cooling system, everything, even hose clamps, did a head gasket job with shaved heads, and still have had a random, hard to reproduce slight overheating issue that follows no rules...
  7. preacherman

    1996 Land Rover Discovery XD Eco-Challenge build

    It is my uncle’s fault that I bought this Land Rover. I blame it on him really. In the late 1980’s he gave me a subscription to Petersons 4x4 for Christmas. Not only did he give me my first glimpse into the world of off road trucks, he renewed the subscription every year until I got out of...
  8. preacherman

    Ultragauge weird reading

    Ok here is my problem. I just got an Ultragauge for my 1996 Discovery with the 4.0. It keeps giving me the reading that one of my O2 sensors it measuring over 8,000 degrees. (The alarms goes off at 2011 deg). It says that as soon as I turn the car on. Since I highly doubt the sensor is...
  9. preacherman

    Jeep TJ poweraid spacer

    I have this jeep poweraid spacer left over from my 4cy jeep TJ. I never installed it but picked it up at a swap meet. It has the gasket and bolts. $25 and I will ship it anywhere the US
  10. preacherman

    Kids backpacks (camelback, day and overnight)

    I was cleaning the garage today getting ready for a new project and found I still have a few kids backpacks my kids have outgrown. All bags could use a cleaning but are in good shape. Kids camelback mini-mule $ 30 shipped USPS in the US Osprey Jet 18 pack $35 shipped USPS in the US REI...
  11. preacherman

    1999 Jeep TJ (lifted) $7,200 TX

    EDIT: Sold locally in two hours! I am selling my fun little black jeep. It has 91,000 original miles, is a 5 speed has the 4cy engine, a 2.5 inch rough country suspension lift, custom front winch bumper, warn winch, custom rear swing away rear tire bumper/carrier with gas can holder, cb...
  12. preacherman

    2014 Triumph Tiger 800xc ABS w/upgrades in Texas

    2014 Triumph Tiger 800xc ABS in Texas Unfortunately I work for an oilfield service company so $34 barrel oil is starting to hurt a bit, I would rather have some extra money in my bank and not my garage right now so I am selling my Tiger. The bike is a 2014 Tiger 800xc ABS with 3,606 miles and...
  13. preacherman

    1999 SR5 4Runner w/ 5 speed! 4x4

    I am selling what I consider a perfect overland truck. Up for sale is my uber clean 1997 Toyota 4runner SR5 5 speed (thats right a real transmission). I bought the truck last fall from a airline pilot who had kept all the maintenance records on it since 35,000 miles. I had planned on keeping...
  14. preacherman

    Simple 2m programming question

    Ok, Simple question. I am programming my handheld dual band for a trip coming up soon with repeaters in the area I will be visiting. (I have a Wouxin KG-UVD1P and I am using the programming software). So my question is, when the repeater lists the Tone (in this case the tone is 100.0) do I...
  15. preacherman

    Kids Expo gear!

    In preparation of our spring and summer trips I pulled out all my boys technical gear. Well, as boys are apt to do they outgrew it all!. Below are a few things I would like to pass on to others with camping kids. For reference my boys are 11 and 9 and weigh between 100 and 115 lbs and are...
  16. preacherman

    New mens expo Shoes (Chaco and Salomon)

    Somehow I have developed a foot problem in my old age and last year my arches collapsed. What this means for me logistically is that I had to buy all new shoes. On top of that, since you can only "test drive" shoes in the store. I have found myself buying shoes, wearing them for half a day...
  17. preacherman

    1989 FJ62 built an rust free: TX

    1989 Toyota Landcruiser FJ62 4x4 w/ 232,635 miles in Midland Texas 79705 zip I bought this landcruiser 2 years ago from a friend of mine after his transmission went out. I picked it up to be my long haul family camping rig. I spent a lot of time making sure this truck would be a reliable, well...
  18. preacherman

    2 inch daystar jeep TJ lift

    I have a complete set of two inch spacers for a jeep TJ. These will lift your jeep 2 inches over stock and allow for you to run 31's without rubbing. I would like to get $40 + $8 to ship. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. preacherman

    FJ62 anti inversion shackles

    I have a complete set (front and rear) of anti-inversion shackles for a fj60/62. They are zink plated (under all the road grime) and appear to be 1.5 inches longer that stock (if I'm measuring right) they are not greasable. They look like the ones from JT outfitters but they came with the...
  20. preacherman

    Surley instigator frame

    I have a surly instigator frame for sale. I got this last year and only rode it a few times. My full suspension bike has me spoiled. I am selling the frame with bottom bracket, front derailer, seat post clamp and I will throw in a race face EDIT****. New price $300 and I pay shipping. PayPal...