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  1. Abitibi

    SOLD - 2001 Ford E350 4x4 camperized Ambulance, 7.3 & Agile Offroad

    I thought of selling my ambo a few months ago but pulled the add as I was about to travel overseas and decided I'd do a bunch of upgrades before selling her. Now is still not the best time with that dirty virus but she's just about ready to go so I'm listing her and will see how it turns out. I...
  2. Abitibi

    AmboEvo build thread

    Hi everyone! Warning, this build will start sloooooow and will hopefully pick up in due time but let's get going anyway :) This ambulance is very similar to my 1st one hence the name, AmboEvo (which might change along the way?). For reference, this is the build thread for my 1st ambo...
  3. Abitibi

    New Canadian Ambo build

    Hey all! I'm helping out my best buddy build another ambo-camper. This one is being build "on-demand" for a new owner that specified how she wants the interior designed and a bunch of other special requests. It's a 2003, 7.3 with custom leafs springs at the front (in-house) and full custom...
  4. Abitibi

    Sharing a local product I should have bought years ago!

    Firstly, I have no affiliation with this company but after over 6 months of heavy use I think it's time to share. These are storage solution from The Last US Bags. I've already posted in the storage solution sub-forum...
  5. Abitibi

    Kudos to "The Last US Bags"

    Just want to share the great product and customer service from this Vancouver WA company. They have been sponsoring local Overland Rallies and have amazing gears. I initially bought some cheap Amazon special seat storage solution. Looked good until I started using them. The storage pockets...
  6. Abitibi

    Favor needed, anyone with a Vanagon or Eurovan Westy?

    Hey guys, I have a quick favor to ask. I'm trying to get the measurements for both of these vans for the popup canvas, length x width and the height for the front part of the canvass. Thanks David
  7. Abitibi

    James Baroud Pop top conversion

    Testing the water. I'm considering selling my James Baroud Evo XXL pop top conversion. It's the largest model available, similar interior size as a double (or queen size?) mattress. I will update exact dimension later on as I'm currently on the road. I built this pop top project in a single...
  8. Abitibi

    Remote starter, looking for RPM wire...

    Anyone else installed a remote starter in their van? I need to find the RPM sensor wire. Google says it's a white wire with red (pink) strip coming from the firewall but this might be for the F serie? My remote starter is by CrimeStopper, works great to unlock all my doors and start the truck in...
  9. Abitibi

    '98 Rover in Vancouver BC, $5000usd
  10. Abitibi

    ARB CKMA12 Compressor. New!

    SOLD New in box High output ARB CKMA 12V compressor. Also included ARB air hose kit. Just as these links:
  11. Abitibi

    1984 Toyota Sunrader, very clean! Sent from my SGP511 using Tapatalk
  12. Abitibi

    1995 M1087 with aluminum box, San Diego $13,000 Sent from my SGP511 using Tapatalk
  13. Abitibi

    Mr. Gadget G-wagon is back on the market

    This is not it's first appearance on Expo but if one could vision this truck without the towel rack hangers it is actually a pretty nice camper! The interiorlooks very well done. Sent from my SGP511 using Tapatalk
  14. Abitibi

    US legal Nissan Patrol, Expo ready

    I've seen this truck in person, awesome truck! Sent from my SGP511 using Tapatalk
  15. Abitibi

    Ambo Custom rear (& front) bumpers

    Getting started on a new steel bumper. Old skool stick welding. The ambo tail is already 6" longer than a EB so I tucked the hitch as high up as I could to help with departure angle... The hidden re-enforcement exposed. A bit over killed but I hate flimsy... Test fit, so far so good...
  16. Abitibi

    UJOINT Ready Dana 60 (rebuilt), New Locker and more

    Hey guys I've sold this kit to a good friend of mine last year and he changed his mind (he bought a salvaged Quigley van for dirt cheap and will transfer all the drivetrain to his bus). So I'm re-posting this on his behalf. He's a member here but not too savvy with computer. You can either...
  17. Abitibi

    Holly Batman! '85 609D Mercedes camper.
  18. Abitibi

    Hood and fender vents, another supplier option.

    Not sure how well they'd work and seems a bit pricey but options are always a good thing... No affiliations.
  19. Abitibi

    '04 F350 Dana60 front axle with E-Locker

    Fully rebuilt '04 F350 Dana 60 (BOM: 611337-2) with new 4.10 gears, new seals, new bearing, new Eaton E-Locker (#19760-010). Painted with POR-15. Comes extra with parts; front driveshaft, upper U-bolt plates, swaybar, Warn manual hubs (old but free), NV-271 transfer case with tranny adapter (old...
  20. Abitibi

    For Sale; Parts needed for U-Joint conversion.

    Hey guys, Not sure if this is the right place to post it but it might get lost if posted elsewhere. Moderators please move if needed, thanks. I was getting ready for a U-Joint conversion but had a change of mind so all my parts are up for sale. Fully rebuilt '04 F350 Dana 60 (BOM: 611337-2)...