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  1. boozewz

    25 Year Import Rule to CA

    I'm thinking of importing a 1982 fJ45 Troopy to CA from Saudi Arabia, and I cant seem to find any info on the 25 year rule for CA. It seems clear that most states allow 25 yr old vehicles to be imported, titled and registered with no modifications required, whilst for CA its not as clear. Does...
  2. boozewz

    Random Land Cruisers in Saudi Arabia

    I'll post them along as I see interesting LC's. This is a friend who was visiting Zulfi, a remote town up in the north, not far from the Iraqi border.
  3. boozewz

    Mastoora, Saudi Arabia

    Here are a few pictures of a trip we took earlier in 2010 to the dunes at Mastoora, which is about an hour's drive north of Jeddah. It was only a day trip, with a bbq thrown in at the end, before we headed back at sunset. The meeting point The drive up Driving towards the dunes Our...
  4. boozewz

    Wadi Khadra, Saudi Arabia

    Its not all desert and dunes out here. We managed to find a nice watering hole, with some palm trees amid the deserts on a recent trip we took. It was a short 200km drive north of Jeddah. We had a 200 series Landcruiser, a FZJ71 (topless), a FZJ74 (fiberglass top), a FJCruiser, and a Nissan...