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    Honda NC750X DCT/ABS

    Understand long commutes to good riding of the reasons I chose the Idaho Panhandle when I retired. There are so many places to ride out West that I need to look for an excuse to leave the state. Bonner County, ID has more than 4K miles of forest service roads not to mention trails...
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    Honda NC750X DCT/ABS

    Perterra, I have a lot of extras on my DRZ's and I fully understand the concern about high speed interstate travel on them...slowed down and ride 2 lane road mostly and I'm finding there is more to see at 60 mph than 75...55 is even better. Took a trip to St George, UT a few years back and...
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    Honda NC750X DCT/ABS

    Thanks Jay! I've looked at the Tiger but not closely...I'll look again. There's a fully equiped 2019 WeeStrom at the Honda dealer with a decent markdown that is tempting...could win out but it depends where I need to go to get the 750. Hey Chipper! Good info on your 700 and thanks!! The ST I...
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    Honda NC750X DCT/ABS

    Wee Strom is a great bike and would serve me well. Do you mean it has more after market Products available? I've had a gaggle of Honda products over the years (and still have 2 ATV's) and never had any problems with them. wise or getting after market parts. Pretty much change oil...
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    Honda NC750X DCT/ABS

    Anyone have one...rode one...wish they had one? I'm on the verge of selling Two DRZ 400 (one SM and one E), an 82 Goldwing with 12K miles and consolidate into the Honda. Gunna keep the Harley and TW 200 of course but the Honda seems like a good on road bike and could do forest service roads and...
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    2019 Frontier pro - 4x tires question .

    Don't listen to dudes. I have the 265's on my 08 Frontier and wife's 11 Pro-4X X car but won't be seeing 60K...maybe 50K.
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    Hunting Knife Options

    Cheap and not US made but it's hard to beat Mora...any Mora knife. I grew up in Winter Park, FL with my Dad owning and using a Bo Randall knife as far back as I can remember like back into the 50's. When he died I was far far away and by the time I got home someone entered the house which was...
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    How do you transport your fishing rods?

    10'- 4" PVC for a lot of rods. I have a rack on my Polaris 700 4 wheeler that I can carry a kayak, 16' canoe or my 13' Kaboat the 4 miles to the big lake. The PVC straps easily to whatever is up there. In a truck they usually go on a roof rack and I have stickers explaining painful things that...
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    Cream of the Cra.... inexpensive TIRES! Let's get this on the table.

    I have 285x16 General Grabbers on my Frontier. There are a road M&S tread and surprised me to see them pull thru knee deep snow in 2 wheel drive. I may have used 4WD a dozen times for 30' then back to 2 WD all last winter. I have about 38K now and should do 50K with no problem. I think they were...
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    What do you use for a truck gun?

    I set up a Shockwave in 20 ga with an SB including a nice Hogue grip and it's nice to shoot even with 3" slugs or #3 buck...very effective to about 35 yds. It needs to be tapped for screw in chokes and it would make a fine and flexible defense or survival tool. Not much a 20 won't do that a 12...
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    Anyone fly fish in stillwater?

    I'm kinda busy building a house but have been out a bit for flat water flies. Local lakes are stocked with rainbows and browns and back in the Spring the were all hungry for top water flies. Bought a new 8' 3wt a couple years ago and have been using it when I can. Not many things that much fun...
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    Good things come in little packages: Yamaha TW200

    I have a 91 that I bought about 10 years ago. Only use non alcohol gas and never been into the carb and it runs great every year. Last trip to Moab I did on my 08 DRZ 400 but the next one will be on the Tdub. It's not a highway bike but it has a 4 wheeler rear tire and it's geared so you can...
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    Hard Sided Canopy "Camper"

    I have a cab high Leer cap on my Frontier with a 6' long bed. The cap is too low to be comfortable sitting up inside and I wondering if anyone has ever used a front opening tool box set on the bed sides and attached the cap to the top of the tool boxes? The boxes are 72" long, 12" deep and 16"...
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    Mini Bike Camping

    About 10 years ago I bought a 1991 TW 200 for $500. It was beat pretty bad and the guy want $2K. I offered $500 and he took it. I spent maybe $200 and a few hours and I'm still riding it and it still looks kinda rough but is totally reliable and very capable. There are deals to be had...
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    Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

    I toast your success Sir.
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    Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

    JJ, Don't mean to argue but I'm sure I can build the front and rear of the frame that will support more than enough to haul a canoe or most anything up to maybe 150 lbs. Roof of my cap will support 250 lbs on the Yakama tracks and spreading the load to the front of the cap and rear contour over...
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    Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

    I have a long bed Frontier Super Cab with a Leer cab high cap and I'd be willing to cut a hole in the top of the cap to allow access into the RTT from the bed. Haven't measured the top of the cap yet but it's probably close to 50" wide, so a 30" wide bed area 6'-6" long, an open area at the rear...
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    9MM Pistol for bear protection?

    I do in 12 ga., 20 ga with the Barnes copper slugs seem the best in that gauge. When I lived in AK I carried an 870 with them or a Sako carbine in .375 H&H...real hard to fly fish with either on your back. Actually, a cow moose with a calf scares me more than bear.
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    Cross country trip rifle?

    AR pistol with red dot in 7.62x39 or .300 Black Out with your favorite handgun close by. I carry a G27 or G20/29 depending if there are bears near by.
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    Expedition Bike? Not really, it's just WTHIJ's TW200.

    I have a '91 TW 200 I bought in 2000 with 5600 miles or at least that's when the speedo cable broke and I ride it a couple thousand miles a year off road. I share my time with two DRZ 400's (SM and E), a stock '82 Goldwing Interstate and of course my 2003 100th Anniversary Harley Lowrider...