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  1. Northern Explorer

    Northern Explorer's 2017 F250 Build

    New truck = new build thread. After the Photobucket snafu that many of us experienced, I have decided to have all of my media content on YouTube. So if anybody is in the mood for some amateur video (heavy emphasis on amateur) feel free to check them out. I plan on doing more with my YouTube...
  2. Northern Explorer

    Northern Explorer's 2015 TRD Off Road Tacoma

    The 2005 Colorado has just been replaced. 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road, automatic. Less than 5000 miles on the odometer. Bone stock at the moment. I will update this thread as time permits. "][/URL]
  3. Northern Explorer

    Northern Explorer's Trip Write-Up Consolidation Page

    Just wanted a place to reference all of my trip write-ups Northern Explorer's Southwest Adventure 2013 Arches N.P., Long Canyon, White Rim Trail, Bryce Canyon N.P., Zion N.P., Overland Expo, Grand Canyon Originally Posted 9/25/13 . Northern Explorer's 2012 Colorado Trip Rocky Mountain N.P...
  4. Northern Explorer

    Northern Explorer’s Southwest Adventure 2013

    Better late than never. It's been a busy summer. I have wanted to go to the Overland Expo for a number of years. Either the timing just didn’t work for us or we had already made other plans. This year would be different. I planned our entire summer trip around going to the Overland Expo. As...
  5. Northern Explorer

    The Malayan Tiger

    Malayan Tiger Perfect size in my opinion. I'm assuming that the one pictured is the LT version but I can't find it mentioned on the website.
  6. Northern Explorer

    Northern Explorer's 2012 Colorado Trip

    We decided to go back to Colorado this year and visit some of the National parks that we missed on our 2009 trip. The main focus of almost all of our trips is finding good places to hike along with driving to remote scenic locations. This trip had plenty of both. Our first destination was...
  7. Northern Explorer

    Good article at Truck Camper Magazine

    Jim McCoy: Off Road Truck Camping 101
  8. Northern Explorer

    Northern Explorer's Summer 2011 Trip

    Better late than never. Date: June 17th – July 4th Mission: Visit every National park, State Park, National Monument and Memorial that we had time for in the area of South Dakota and Wyoming. Yellowstone National Park After taking a long detour to drop our dog off in lower Michigan...
  9. Northern Explorer

    Norcold RV Vent Covers

    I posted them on my local Craigs List here. I will sell them both to an expo member for $25 if you want to also pay for shipping.
  10. Northern Explorer

    DuraCozy Expandable Camper

    DuraCozy I've never seen this before. It looks like a new version of the Bethany Camper. Looks like they will be on display at the Overland Expo.
  11. Northern Explorer

    20# Vertical Propane Tank Valve

    20 pound vertical propane tank valve. NOT TO BE USED ON A 20 POUND HORIZONTAL TANK AS I HAVE FOUND OUT. New condition. I purchased it off of ebay for $19.95 plus shipping. I will sell it to an ExPo member for $5.00 plus shipping. Might be good to have an extra on hand.
  12. Northern Explorer

    Trans Labrador Highway and other places of interest 2010

    I've had this trip in mind ever since my James Bay road trip in 2007. After months of planning, and a few special modifications and prep work to my truck, my wife and I headed out of town on July 3rd. The Plan: My plan was to make a giant counter clockwise loop starting from the U.P. of...
  13. Northern Explorer

    Roto Pax 3 gallon

    I see Roto Pax is coming out with a 3 gallon option. These look nice as I am having trouble finding a good place to mount my 5 gallon jerry can. LINK
  14. Northern Explorer

    F.S. Truck Camper on Craigs List NOT MINE

    Slightly altered.:Wow1: Check it out. 1998 Alpinelite camper - $2000 (South Pierce County)
  15. Northern Explorer

    Stauber Motorhomes

    I haven't seen this one before. A lot of nice features but a tad bit to much overhang on this particular truck. Stauber Motorhomes hardside pop-up on Nissan crew cab
  16. Northern Explorer

    Choosing an Overland Campervan

    Some lite reading. Dated Nov. 25 2009 Choosing an Overland Campervan (thanks to Stephen Stewart)
  17. Northern Explorer

    U.P. Overland 2009

    The 2009 Upper Peninsula Overland trip was a great success!!! Thank you to all that were able to make it. It was great seeing many of our friends from last year end even better makng new friends this year. Special thanks to those that donated items for the raffle!!! Use this thread to post...
  18. Northern Explorer

    Colorado in the Colorado July 2009

    We decided to head out to Colorado for our big summer camping trip this year. The main focus of the trip would be exploring the history in the area along with some fun off pavement drives. After dropping our dog off in downstate Michigan (wife's parent's house) we set our sights on Mesa Verde...
  19. Northern Explorer

    Western U.P. of Michigan Waterfall Tour

    For our big three-day Memorial Day weekend the wife and I packed up the truck and headed to the western end of the U.P. The trip was light on off pavement travel but heavy on hiking and scenery. My main focus was testing out my recent FWC modifications (12 volt refrigerator, shower and...
  20. Northern Explorer

    Stainless Steel Sink

    SOLD I used this sink to customise the inside of my Fleetwood Neon pop up camper that I previously owned. Would work great for any ExPo camper, van or trailer project. Measures 17" x 13" outer flange to outer flange. Sink measures 14"x10.25" and is 5" deep Mounting hardware included $20...