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  1. Sisyphus

    Seeking Advice/thoughts on a '91 FJ80 For Sale

    Perhaps I should pony up for a lower-mileage 100 series.
  2. Sisyphus

    Seeking Advice/thoughts on a '91 FJ80 For Sale

    Thanks for all your comments, truly. The cruiser would not be a daily driver (I walk/bike), but likely a trailhead/summer road trip vehicle. My concerns aren't so much with the additional and costly baselining, but the catastrophic engine/transmission failure happening before, say, 300,000...
  3. Sisyphus

    Seeking Advice/thoughts on a '91 FJ80 For Sale

    Thanks for your reply. Is this mostly because of deferred maintenance? Would your decision change if Tor gave it a look over?
  4. Sisyphus

    Seeking Advice/thoughts on a '91 FJ80 For Sale

    Hi All, Read a million articles and threads about 80s but have never owned one. Currently considering this one for sale in Seattle: Summary: - '91 with 263k for $5500 - $2600 in (last 3k miles) recent...
  5. Sisyphus

    Ski Bum Truck V2.0, F450 Rough Road RV

    Saw you Northbound on I-5 on Sunday. The rig looked great going down the road! Happy New Year!
  6. Sisyphus

    Options for round the country trip.

    Considering your budget, I think going the truck w/ camper route likely makes the most sense. Truck wise, I'd consider gas. The pre-ULSD 7.3/5.9 market is borderline insane, and the 10k premium over their gas counterparts doesn't make sense economically unless you plan on driving/towing a lot...
  7. Sisyphus

    F350 Regular Cab with Hawk Flatbed on XPCamper Truck Tray

    A super practical set-up and fitting for your uses. Have fun out there! If you ever need a driveway in Seattle to camp at, drop me a line. Sisyphus
  8. Sisyphus

    Looking for suggestions

    I'll echo previous sentiment and say that it would be a good idea to trade into a 3500 dually. Doing so opens you up to more spacious campers. Resale value for pre '06 cummins' is great right now and I think you'd be surprised on what you could get truck wise, especially if you were willing to...
  9. Sisyphus

    Stolen Camper Van - Ford Okanagan

    A cheaper way for longterm storage is just to remove the starter/fuel relay. Has worked great for me, but would get tiring if you drive it often. steering wheel locks/clubs are great physical deterants for the lazy thief, but they can be easily broken in seconds (just check out youtube).
  10. Sisyphus

    Wanted: FWC Grandby Camper - Prefer 2010 or newer Doesn't appear to be as new as you desire, but I thought I'd send it along. It's also reasonably close to you.
  11. Sisyphus

    so basically... 3/4 ton/1 ton heavier camper

    Considering the campers you've listed, yes. With full tanks, your family, and all the gear, I'd suspect you'd be at or way past your GVWR. This is not to say that people don't make it work, but often suspensions upgrades and airbags are necessary to alleviate the rear sag and ride comfort...
  12. Sisyphus

    so basically... 3/4 ton/1 ton heavier camper

    If you aren't planning on going off-road, I'd just go with a dually. This would eliminate any need for airbags and updated suspension.
  13. Sisyphus

    Operation Tamam - France to Mongolia and back...

    I'd love to see an update!
  14. Sisyphus

    Best Cruiser for a global expo vehicle?

    Considering all the models available for import into the U.S., I'd go with a 75 series single cab. If money is tight for the build, I'd try adapting an older FWC to the fit the truck bed. Otherwise, a bare bones custom unit from Phoenix shouldn't be too prohibitively priced. Happy trails and...
  15. Sisyphus

    WTB 2005-2009 Power Wagon with Manual Transmission $15,500 with 170,000 in Southern California.
  16. Sisyphus

    Lets talk tires!

    I have no direct experience with these tire choices but 3 of my cousins who did Anchorage-Ushuaia can also vouch for the durability of the Marathon Extremes, as they used the same set for the entire trip.
  17. Sisyphus

    MAN Expedition Camper for sale

    Vehicles must be 25 years or older to be importable from the U.S., and at least 15 years old for Canada. Someone could get a temporary import for I believe a year, but the vehicle must leave after that period.
  18. Sisyphus

    WTB 2005-2009 Power Wagon with Manual Transmission

    Here's one with 147,000 for $20,000. A little steep in my opinion, but hopefully you could hash out a deal. It's also pretty close to you, especially if you're in W. Montana.