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  1. boblynch

    2007 4Runner Upgrades

    The tires and shocks on my 2007 4Runner are worn out so I decided to upgrade with a mild lift and taller tires. The vehicle is used as my daily driver, family hauler, and tow vehicle for a small utility trailer. It also sees mild off road use and trips to the beach. I just ordered a Sonoran...
  2. boblynch

    Custom Fender Flares

    I posted this in the Earthroamer section, but will cross post here to get feedback from others that may be able help. I'm upgrading the tires on my 2008 F550 with MPT 335/80R20 tires. I need to replace the existing fender flares. Does anyone have manufacturers they would recommend? I've...
  3. boblynch

    Vertical Bike Rack Options

    Does anyone know of any vertical bike rack systems that could be used with a standard 2" receiver? The only one I can find is North Shore Racks and they are sold out on the 4 bike model. Any others out their I should consider? I'm looking to store 4 bikes (vertically) and a full size spare in...
  4. boblynch

    MPT question for Ford owners

    Do we have any ExPo members running the MPT81s on an Earthroamer or other Ford 450/550? I'm considering MPT81 singles for my F550 4x4. I need to determine sizes for underbody storage boxes and have a few questions. With the MPTs what is the outside track of the rear wheels? How much...
  5. boblynch

    Grill and Oven recommendations

    We are going with a minimal inside cooking setup in our truck camper (two small burners) and would like to do most of our cooking (and possibly baking) outside. We've reserved a large exterior storage box for the kitchen, and have added a quick LP disconnect. Does anyone have a high quality gas...
  6. boblynch

    F550 Flatbed Build

    I’ve taken the plunge and purchased a new truck. The plan is to add a flat bed and under-bed storage boxes, for use with a removable camper. All crazy ideas and recommendations are welcome and encouraged. Without the advice and support from the ExPo clan I would never have made this leap...
  7. boblynch

    Alcoa wheels?

    Does anyone know if Alcoa will make a set of custom wheels? If so, does anyone have contact info? I've tried several times to send them email via their website and each time it gets bounced back as undeliverable.
  8. boblynch

    1984 Rover diesel

    This one caught my attention. I know nothing about Rovers or importing vehicles. No affiliation with the owner.
  9. boblynch

    Flatbed Escape Pod

    The folks at Northstar have revealed a new truck camper model which incorporates an aluminum Ute flatbed. The interesting thing is that they’ve used a flatbed floor plan rather than their normal slide-in floor plan (with storage boxes added underneath)...
  10. boblynch

    Payload Calculation Question

    How is a vehicle's GVWR determined and why is it lower than the axle ratings? Consider the Ford F350 as an example. The 08 F350 SRW Long Bed has a GVWR of 11500. The combined axle ratings are 13000lb (front 6000 and rear 7000). If you subtract the base curb weight of 7773 (front 4765 and...
  11. boblynch

    1994 Range Rover LWB Diesel conversion

    Here is an interesting one in the Portland area.
  12. boblynch

    1990 LR Defender 110 Diesel

    Spotted this one and thought someone might be interested.
  13. boblynch

    RUF FM260 4x4 Update

    The RUF-Inc. website has an update on the FM260 4x4 chassis. Darrin had a death in the family so the website updates were put on hold. They have two custom 4WD Fuso FM260 chassis and composite cabin structures complete. The interiors are currently under construction. Attached are pics of the...
  14. boblynch

    Expedition Quality Truck Seats?

    As I've discussed in a number of other threads, I'm planning a truck and camper combo for extended family trips. I'd like to order a base model truck (manual windows, vinyl floor, etc.), pull out the factory bench seats, and replace with four new seats. I'd like to add a lockable center...
  15. boblynch

    Air Conditioning Options?

    I've been looking at various air conditioner options for an expedition camper. I would like to reduce my overall height by moving the AC to an interior mounted or rear-mounted unit. One option I found was the 8500 BTU Dometic HB2500 underbench unit (
  16. boblynch

    Ventilation Options

    I’m trying to decide on ventilation equipment for a new hard-sided truck camper. My goal is to reduce the number of camper penetrations and improve the general efficiency of the unit. The unit I’m focusing on is a Northstar Arrow 8.5. The camper’s standard equipment includes a Fantastic Fan...
  17. boblynch

    SRW Conversion Questions

    I'm considering a SRW conversion of a F550 or Dodge5500. I've read all the posts I could find on the subject (here and elsewhere). I'd like to compile everyone’s feedback on the following issues. Please provide any and all pertinent details. Feel free to PM or email me if you prefer. 1...
  18. boblynch

    Nissan Frontier Diesel - not for US

    Add this to the list of trucks we can't buy in the US. Nissan is going to offer a Frontier Navara with a common rail I4 turbodiesel rated at up to 172-horsepower and 297 lb-feet of torque.
  19. boblynch

    2008 F750 XLT 4x4

    Anyone need a very large 4x4 chassis? I sent them an email earlier today - the asking price is $76,598.00.
  20. boblynch

    Class 5 4x4 SRW Fire Truck

    This might make an interesting build for someone.