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  1. amcjen

    Baja XL 2021... Anyone else signed up?

    A few of us are planning on it in the motorcycle class. Waiting to see a bit on how the borders look with Covid before pulling the trigger.
  2. amcjen

    New version of Gaia GPS released

    I hear you. For what it’s worth, a senior Android developer is one of their top job openings last I saw in their email update. So must be top of mind for them.
  3. amcjen

    2019 Baja XL... who's in?

    I have a quick question regarding the rally, that I wasn’t really able to garner from their web site. For motorcycle competitors, how does the gas situation work out? I see that daily legs can be as long as 500 miles, do you just plan your route to hit gas stations in between GPS waypoints...
  4. amcjen

    Suspension Fault C1130-66

    I did this exact thing changing a flat tire in the rain one night—the hole in the frame that the jack inserts into looks almost identical to the drain hole in the plastic cover of the compressor. Mine runs longer now too and more often—I plan to do a full rebuild of the compressor come winter...
  5. amcjen

    Thinking About an LR3

    We live in Northern Nevada and have a 2005 LR3 with the HD package, everything else stock except for BFG KO/2s. Let me know if you want to go for a trail ride to see how it does first-person—we have some good trails just a few minutes out of town. I think you’ll be quite surprised at how...
  6. amcjen

    Rank my shopping list

    Have you considered an LR3 with HD? I love mine. I bought it at 28k and it has 132k on the clock now. I plan to drive it to 250k. We just took a 5 day trip into the deep Northern Nevada desert and it was spectacular. Only non-stock thing on it are BFG KO/2s. It’s very capable. I still see a...
  7. amcjen

    Help me Pick Lift and Tires

    I love the KO2 tires on 18s on my LR3. Becomes super capable, so good choice IMO! What do you mean by clearance? You want more even when off-road clearance mode is enabled?
  8. amcjen

    What’s This in my Fuse Box?

    Looks like a hack job for some aftermarket accessory? Is there anything on your LR3 that’s not stock? (DVD, CB, lights, etc?) I’m pretty sure there are a couple of fuse slots that are open for accessories—wonder why they didn’t use them.
  9. amcjen

    275/65r-18 BFG KO2 on LR3?

    Meh, that trail was pretty gutted from the heavy winter we had. Agree on this pic but some spots just didn’t have the line (room really) to do anything but articulate over. To bring it back to the topic—there hasn’t been a place I could not go with 265s. I’ve been super happy with them. [emoji119]
  10. amcjen

    275/65r-18 BFG KO2 on LR3?

    Honest post—I’m surprised many haven’t lifted wheels when off-roading. We were getting a lot happening recently and figured it was pretty common. Am I the only one?
  11. amcjen

    Just purchased a LR4 w/ 60K miles, now what?

    I agree with Krick3tt. They’re pretty capable as-is, especially since yours is so new. (And good job finding such a new LR4 with HD! I have 2005 LR3 HD and love love love it.) One resource I find really helpful is the Atlantic British service schedule. Lets me see what’s coming up for service...
  12. amcjen

    L322 Range Rover 285/65/R18

    Ahh, gorgeous. That’s how a 322 should look in my humble opinion. Nice work!
  13. amcjen

    RR/LR3/4 EAS Front and Rear Valve Block Rebuild with Pictures!

    I’ll second BP Utah. They were great for the block rebuild kits for me.
  14. amcjen

    RR/LR3/4 EAS Front and Rear Valve Block Rebuild with Pictures!

    I’d add one more thing—there are two compressor rebuild kits. One with just some o-rings and another with additional seals, new desiccant, and new mechanical bits. I rebuilt my three valve blocks and did a small-kit compressor rebuild and gallery seems to be not holding well so going to rebuild...
  15. amcjen

    LR3/4 3rd Row Window Replacement

    I too was thinking about something like this for the LR3. Those windows are wasted space (except for the antennas for sure). Saw a fitted molle panel insert for the third row window for FourRunners while at the expo. Since we sleep in the back of our Rover with a nice memoryfoam mattress, I was...
  16. amcjen

    Looking for advice from seasoned adventurers

    Rad! Have a blast! Can’t wait to hear a trip report.
  17. amcjen

    Looking for advice from seasoned adventurers

    I don’t see a specific ask, so I’ll give some suggestions. First, regarding the LR3. How many miles do you have on it, and has it been maintained well? I ask only bc all of our LR3s are currently getting up there in age and mileage, and you don’t want a major issue when doing a trip like that...
  18. amcjen

    LR4 vs LR3 front-end suspension height differences?

    Hey there- At last weekend’s Overland Expo West we took a test ride with the new Disco 5 on their off-road course. The vehicle was really impressive on 30 degree off-cambers. I still can’t get over the terribly ugly back-end and overall curviness, but I digress. While driving with our...
  19. amcjen

    2005 LR3 MAP Sensor Location?

    These are super helpful responses, thank you! I thought I was losing my mind looking all over for it. I did replace the MAF and PCV sensors b/c my head gasket seal blew last year and the rover started running increasingly terrible after having the gasket replaced. Figure I'd change all three...
  20. amcjen

    2005 LR3 MAP Sensor Location?

    Hi there- I'm attempting to replace the MAP sensor on my LR3, and cannot for the life of me find where it's at. Is it behind the back of the engine, near the transmission dipstick? I'm working off this illustration, and still at a loss. (Don't get me started on the poor nature of LR's...