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  1. Baloo

    solar laptop charging?

    is there a good way to charge a laptop with the sun? I use a solar joos for my headlight and iphone. Does someone make a quality product like the solar joos for charging a laptop?
  2. Baloo

    International 4700 Ambo build

    Well This November marks the third year of ownership of my International 4700. After working through the year long process of obtaining a title in Tennessee and collecting parts. Finally some major headway happened this past weekend. I purchased and installed tires, a 50 gallon fuel tank on the...
  3. Baloo


    Got a question? My Rig is an old ambulance and there are no roof top vents, for that matter there are no ventes at all. I am thinking of installing a camper type 14" X 14" hatch with a fan or a Nicro 24 hour solar vent. Any thoughts or preferences? Dodger
  4. Baloo

    Just getting things organized...

    Just getting all these external compartments on my old ambulance build organized for travel! Lots of straps, buckles, and time... Dodger
  5. Baloo

    International 4700 Build ( I may have lost my mind along the way)

    G'day Everyone, I am new to here, and figured I would share my project. Well about six years ago I purchased a rather strange vehicle, a 1991 E350 Diesel Ambulance. While I am not a paramedic nor an emt, I jsut had to have it. I have spent years making it the ultimate camper rig ever made...