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  1. Sisyphus

    Seeking Advice/thoughts on a '91 FJ80 For Sale

    Hi All, Read a million articles and threads about 80s but have never owned one. Currently considering this one for sale in Seattle: Summary: - '91 with 263k for $5500 - $2600 in (last 3k miles) recent...
  2. Sisyphus

    1995 Ford F350 Centurion 7.3 - $8500 Not affiliated
  3. Sisyphus

    1994 Toyota Land Cruiser $7000 - 157,400mi Nice low mileage 80. Not affiliated.
  4. Sisyphus

    1999 Toyota Land Cruiser $5,000 - 519,043mi...................... I guess if you were trying to break some kind of record, this would be a good place to start. Not affiliated.
  5. Sisyphus

    1994 Toyota Land Cruiser $5500 - 256,000mi and serviced This is a good deal. Not affiliated
  6. Sisyphus

    2001 FORD E350 RB 7.3 PSD 39,000mi for $9k in Pennsylvania Maybe a bit of rust, but if it's not too bad, could be a great deal for someone. Not affiliated.
  7. Sisyphus

    2013 Alaskan Camper 10' in Seattle No pictures but I'm sure there's someone on here who's looking for an Alaskan that was not made in 1963. Not affiliated.
  8. Sisyphus

    1994 Toyota Land Cruiser $3500 - 150,000mi Looks like a good deal. not affiliated
  9. Sisyphus

    1991 LR Defender 130 W/ XP Camper v2 Pretty rad. Not affiliated.
  10. Sisyphus

    Any experience with a SeaSucker bike rack?

    I recently purchased an '02 Acura RSX as a little commuter car and would like find a bike rack to use for the occasional trip that doesn't necessitate my 4x4. Here's what I've concluded: - Roof mounted racks are generally not ideal for 2 door vehicles and these setups overwhelmingly result in...
  11. Sisyphus

    Flatbed Chinook Camper on '67 Chevy 4x4 Buy it so I wont, no affiliation!
  12. Sisyphus

    1998 Dodge Sportsmobile - $3500 No affiliation.
  13. Sisyphus

    1996 Ford e350 Chinook 4x4 Not affiliated.
  14. Sisyphus

    Pinzgauer 6x6 Camper Ready for conversion. Not affiliated.
  15. Sisyphus

    FS: 2004 Alaskan Cabover Camper in CA Most of the Alaskan's I see for sale are from the 60s, looks like a nice used option if you are looking for a newer model. Not affiliated.
  16. Sisyphus

    1984 Land Rover Defender HCPU Camper in Holland - $10,500 Euro It's yellow. It's diesel. It's rad. Not affiliated.
  17. Sisyphus

    FS: Garmin Etrex 30x, Garmin Forerunner 220, and Western Mountaineering Puma MF

    1. Garmin Etrex 30x includes manuals, belt clip, 8gb micro sd card, and a fresh set of batteries. $190.00 - Condition is great, usual screen wear. Never been dropped for drowned. 2. Garmin Forerunner 220 includes charging cable. $90.00 - Condition is great as well, usual screen wear. No chips...
  18. Sisyphus

    1996 Chevy 3500 4x4 Ambulance - $4500 in Oregon Appears to be a hell of a deal. not affiliated.
  19. Sisyphus

    Bikepacking from Silver City, NM to Roosville, MT

    Hello! I'm Miles, a 21 year old from Seattle. Later this morning (it's 1:30AM as I write this) I will be boarding a train bound for Tucson, AZ. Upon arrival, I'll be renting a car to Silver City, NM and starting my trip there with the intentions of finishing at the Canadian border in...
  20. Sisyphus

    Thoughts on Ram ProMaster FWD Vans?

    Today I was researching what the new cargo van manufacturers had to offer to see what might work for a DIY camper conversion and I came across Ram and their new cargo vans that have FWD. Consider that these FWD vans come in +/- $20,000 less over Mercedes new Sprinter 4x4 vans, I think they...