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  1. Mccaf

    SOLD!! 23ZERO Rooftop Tent, SoCAL

    I’m selling my 23Zero Bundaberg RTT and annex for $1000. Located in San Diego and willing to meet halfway for anyone to the north or east. I purchased this in 2017 from Turtleback Trailers as a demo model and have used it on a limited basis-not more than 15-20 nights per year. I would rate the...
  2. Mccaf

    1992 Land Rover Defender Diesel

    I came across this on my feed. Looks pretty cool. DEN CO.
  3. Mccaf

    Help identifying these awning risers

    Looking for a different solution to mount my awning. Came across this picture with some risers that would work for me. Does anyone know that brand they are? Or anything similar for that matter? They seem to be adjustable.
  4. Mccaf

    ARB 2000 mounting question

    They recommend three points to mount this model. I see tons of pics with two points. Do you feel comfortable lithe awning will hold while bouncing on trails with the two points of mounting? To me the little 6mm bolts just don’t seem strong enough to sustain, especially on rough roads. On my...
  5. Mccaf

    Propane: high and low pressure devices off one tank

    trying to fuel a Coleman stove, lantern, and a low pressure Ecotemp L5 off the same 5lb bottle. The rv store sold me a 2stage regulator, which I mounted on the 5lb bottle, and plumbed into the the Coleman devices and the Ecotemp via hoses and TEE's. The Ecotemp fires up but stove and lantern...
  6. Mccaf

    Independent suspension, looks good...

    So my builder twisted my arm and I gave in over a straight axle/leaf set up. The air shocks up to 200psi, 35" Toyo M/T's will add about 4" of lift. Thoughts, comments, suggestions? Any driving tips or things of that nature to be aware of besides uneven terrain?
  7. Mccaf

    2017 M8-A1 Mule trailer $3000

    $1,200, $1,500, $2,000 or 2,900 which model would you like? Yes, this M8-A1 AMMO MULE is available right now and I have 3 others ready to go. We have had an overwhelming response with many people making offers and we have sold several this year. One guy drove all the way down from Reno, Nevada...
  8. Mccaf

    Axle hubs to fit jeep wheels for trailer build

    So I ordered these hubs because I am installing brakes, (the the brake kit from eTrailer... ) My builder just informed me that his 18" Jeep takeoff rims will not fit because the center hub is 2.5", he needs 3" hub to fit...
  9. Mccaf

    Question on trailer brakes needed

    Having a custom trailer built, 10x8 with a 4x4 box or 4x5 box with a liftable RTT rack. Estimated weights: 675-700 lbs dry weight 130-200 lbs RTT weight 75. lbs fuel/water weight 300 lbs of gear ------- 1300 -1400 lbs max and unexpected weight items California law req brakes at...