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  1. amcjen

    LR4 vs LR3 front-end suspension height differences?

    Hey there- At last weekend’s Overland Expo West we took a test ride with the new Disco 5 on their off-road course. The vehicle was really impressive on 30 degree off-cambers. I still can’t get over the terribly ugly back-end and overall curviness, but I digress. While driving with our...
  2. amcjen

    2005 LR3 MAP Sensor Location?

    Hi there- I'm attempting to replace the MAP sensor on my LR3, and cannot for the life of me find where it's at. Is it behind the back of the engine, near the transmission dipstick? I'm working off this illustration, and still at a loss. (Don't get me started on the poor nature of LR's...
  3. amcjen

    LR3 Leaking sunroof/wet floors, after drain plugs into side body have been replaced

    Hey there- So we are getting hit with major wet snow in the west right now, and I noticed my driver and passenger side floors are wet this morning when I got in the rover. Last summer I replaced the sunroof drains as they had both deteriorated and had fallen out of their body holes. I used...